Ales for Tails – hail, hail

About 200 people supported the Kokomo Humane Society while enjoying a paired tasting of foods from the local Olde Oak Door and the Windmill Grill. 13 stations had everything from shrimp to cream puffs. Herbed cheese wontons, crab stuffed mushroom caps, bourbon glazed beef tips, and beef panini were highlights. Each station had World Class beers that were well-matched to the food. Some variety of the same styles and some contrasts. For instance, the beef tips choices were Xingu, Brugge Black, Atwater Vanilla Porter, Murphy’s, and Young’s Double Chocolate. 0906-A4T-1   0906-A4T-2 0906-A4T-3 Acoustic music from three groups added even more class. Harps have to play first because it takes so long to tune up. Meet Scott and Jill Hersberger. Retirees from Delphi, as seemed to be most of the crowd. He came to try the food and find a beer as close to Budweiser as possible. Ended up going back for more Flying Dog In Heat Wheat. She ended the evening with a repeat of the cream puffs and Kasteel Rouge. 0906-A4T-5 0906-A4T-4 0906-A4T-6 0906-A4T-7