Beer for the Eclipse

Here comes the BIG day, the solar eclipse!   And of course, you may want a beer.  But did you know you COULD be having an Eclipse beer.  While I did not contact every Indiana brewery, I happened to find one that did a special brew for the occasion:  450 North Brewery, just north of Columbus, IN, brewed a special beer:  The Great Eclipse, a double dry hopped IPA at 8.21% – get it, 8.21!  One of my bartender supporters recently showed me his private stock but I did not (yet) taste this one.

But 450 North, like a lot of breweries, will be opening for a special Solar Eclipse party on August 21 at Noon.  They are at  8111 E 450 N, Columbus, IN 47203 and if you want to see if the special beer is available call them,(812) 546-0091.  

Many local breweries will have viewing parties.  For example, Bier Brewery, 5133 E 65th St, Indianapolis, IN 46220, opens at 1:00 8/21 for such an event.

Call your favorite local brewery to see if they are open. Several have parties, even though they are not serving up a special brew. But it is local, craft beer so it IS a special brew!

On a trip through the south I became aware that Yazoo Brewing of Nashville, a site for eclipse observation,  has produced  a special beer called “Space and Time,” an oak fermented wild blonde ale aged on star fruit and brewed with 12 different celestial hop varieties: Alpha, Apollo, Aurora, Challenger, Cluster, Meridian, Comet, Equinox, Galaxy, Horizon, Polaris, and Southern Star. If you  happen to be going south for this event, you might stop and grab some – it has its own special glass (*see the picture).

And perhaps the “original” is the Eclipse Imperial Stout, by Fifty Fifty Brewing, Truckee, CA.

They put out special edition award winning Imperial Stout versions aged in specially curated oak bourbon barrels from our favorite distilleries. Then, each limited edition batch is identified by the color of the wax top.  If you can get your hands on any of these (back to 2007) you’ll have your own version of an eclipse!


Greg Kitz.