Beer Recap Deluxe!

As many of you already know, or maybe you don’t know, but it is almost summertime which means the Season of Beer is here and boy, have I been drinking my share of it – gladly of course!

However, drinking it is easy, writing about it takes longer, so I’m going to do a small recap of most recent beer times that I’ve missed writing up for your reading and maybe even your drinking pleasure. 
1. – Thr3e Wise Men Tapping – Children of the Corn  Cream Ale
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Thr3e Wise Men has the best tapping party. Why? — simple — 8oz free sample.  Of course, the beer is good as well. This cream ale is refreshing, a little too high on hops, with a tang of bitter, for my tastes as far as cream ale goes, but having it come from a nitro pour was a nice touch to add some creaminess.  Next tapping party is July 2nd – Sanctaneous Hefeweizen. I’m curious as to what Omar has in store with that one. 
*FYI — As of today you can get Thr3e Wisemen beer at all of the Scotty’s Brewhouse locations and Growlers will also be available for carry out. $14 fills / $7 for Growlers. Specials – $12 fills on Tues & Fri
However — If you go to Thr3e Wisemen Brewery – Growlers are $6 and Fills are only $10 (with $8 fills on Tues & Fri )*
2.  Tap N’ Run

On June 9th, Broadripple experienced the newest phenomenon of exercise and beer drinking. About 1700 hundreds runners in their finest, funkiest and silliest costumes to run a 4k around the streets of Broadripple, while stopping to chug 4oz glasses of Goose Island – 312.  The race started with a countdown chug and they were off!  My role in all this? Starting Line chug station. The beer flowed smoothly from keg to pitchers to cups to runners.  It was nice to see that craft beer was used for the chug stations. Lastly, to use a word from Tara Maggert, Arts and Craft Beer President, it was a fun time being a “volun-beer” (you know, instead of a volunteer) 
See pic recap of Tap N’ Run below:
Gives a new definition to 99 “bottles of beer” more like baby cups of beer.

Countdown to the first chug! 

After the race and clean up was done! Indy’s inaugural Tap  N’ Run!

3. Victory Beer Tapping with Indiana Beer Reporters

Last Wednesday night, a rare meeting of three IB reporters went down at the Sinking Ship for the Victory Brewery Tapping party.  Joined by some of our friends, we had a nice night of trying some of the beers on tap. Although it would’ve been nice if Golden Monkey was on tap and not in bottles. I personally had the Saison De BUFF – a collaboration brew from Victory, Dogfish Head and Stone. A quick bite at the taste of this beer, but ended with sweetness. It was a nice summery beer, but to be honest I’ll go for The Bier Brewery’s Farmgal Saison in a heart beat. Either way. The tapping party was fun and I ended up with a new pint glass for my collection! 
Selection for Tapping Party

4.  History on Tap

Come back to how the west was won and the beer was made! History on Tap was presented by the Conner Prairie Horizon Council this past Friday.  With help from Fountain Square Brewery, Bier Brewery, Sun King Brewery, Upland Brewing Co, Flat 12 Bierwerks and Three Pints Brewpub, a visitor could come and try different brews all while checking out the grounds or even going up in the sky in a balloon ride.  The Horizon Council picked a great night for this event, a warm breezy night. 
For beer fans, some of the brewers themselves were out and about. 
 I ran into Clay Robinson from Sun King, Corbin Elliot from Bier Brewery and Rob Caputo from Flat12Bierwerks (with his fancy new hat with beer opener in the bill), and even Bill Webster from Fountain Square Brewery. Around 8:30 it was quiet enough that you could have some great conversations and gain some great beer information.. 
e.g.  – look for some awesome great brews from Flat12Bierwerks at Microbrewery Festival. 😉
Bier Brewery – Farmgal Saison

As for the beer itself – my favorites of the night were: 

Bier Brewery  – Farmgal Saison
Three Pints Brewpub – Oatmeal Stout
closing with watching the night sky darken by drinking 
a half pint of Half Cycle from Flat 12.

An additional difference between this event and many other tapping parties was Douglas Wissing had a presentation on his new book:

Indiana: One Pint at a Time: A Traveler’s Guide to Indiana’s Breweries which was a great way to finish the night. 

Thank you for reading the beer recap! I’ll try to keep them coming a little more timely since more and more festivals are upon us.

Don’t forget as well.. This Saturday – Brew- Ha- HA! 

And in a week and a half, on 6/27 – come out to meet Nathan, Greg and I again at Tomlinson Tap Room. 


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