Beerocracy II – The Wrath of Kahns

Kahn’s Fine Wines and Spirits brought it back.. with vengeance!  Beerocracy II is a beer lover’s dream. For two hours, there are FREE tastings of 40+ beers with the chance that Kyle (@Beer_at_Kahns) may open up a rare bottle for a taster’s delight!  And a bonus! – if you are a K Klub member, you can participate in a raffle to purchase those limited edition beers that for regular consumers, you either have to be great friends with your liquor store or be willing to camp out for the chance to buy a bottle. What kind of rare beers — How about Founders KBS, or Upland Gilgamesh or even 3 Floyds/Mikkeller collab – BooGoop for example. 
Back to the event… 
Beerocracy II delivered the goods big time with seven tables – 5 brewery specific tables and two from local distributors.   To give you readers the full scale of deliciousness available at Beerocracy events, I’m going to list everything that was available because I really feel that this event helps benefit those curious about craft beer. It also helps if you want to try a lot of beers not available at beer festivals without having to buy random bottles. (which is fun, I’ve done random beer tastings before many times) 
Without further ado.. to the List!
(Sidenote – number on the left is the order I tasted the beer in, comments will be underneath) 

Table 1: New Holland Hatter Day Celebration
– New Holland Mad Hatter IPA
3 New Holland White Mad Hatter
1 New Holland Rye Mad Hatter
Not overly rye flavored, smooth but complex
2 New Holland Farmhouse Hatter
6 New Holland Black Mad Hatter
delicious roasted flavor at the end 
4 New Holland Oak Aged Mad Hatter
5 New Holland Imperial Hatter

Table 2: Samuel Adams
Sam Adams Summer Ale
20 – Sam Adams Norse Legend – Sahti  (Single Batch Series) 
not on the original line up – but was a special opened ale by rep
24 – Sam Adams Angry Orchard Traditional Dry Cider
25 – Sam Adams Angry Orchard Crisp Apple Cider
if you like a puckery sweet cider, this one is for you. 
26 –Sam Adams Angry Orchard Apple Ginger Cider

Table 3: Ciders
28 – Crispin Brut
30 – Crispin Browns Lane 
(was not a fan of this one, was a little bland)
29 – Crispin Honey Crisp

31 – Crispin the Saint (above) 
started out sweet and aftertaste of light maple syrup

Around the time I got to the Cider table ( since I didn’t go in order, Kyle decided to share this goodie with the rest of the class
**  27 -The Bruery – Fruet  **
the Fruet is a 100% bourbon barrel aged old ale.
Smooth oak and vanilla goodness

Table 4: Cavalier & Kristalweizen Machtprobe! (showdown) 
I believe @CavalierBeerIN  was the pouring host 
17 – Weihenstephaner Kristall Weissbeir
16 – Sixpoint Apollo 
I could see this as sitting on the deck, drinking many cans of this beer.  It was crisp and sweet. 
20 – Sixpoint the Crisp (Pilsner) 
15 – Sixpoint Sweet Action
22 – Breckenridge Summerbright
23 – Two Brothers Dog Days
18 – Founders Cerise
My love of Cerise is huge!  and I’m happy that the 2012 version is back to the original red pigment ale. 
19 – Williams Sir Perry
This table surprised me the most. It had a variety of beers that I typically don’t gravitate to such as a Pilsner and the hefeweizens but everything here was something I could drink over and over again. 
Table 5: Sun King
Sun King Popcorn Pilsner
Sun King Sunlight
Sun King Osiris
Sun King Wee Mac
Sun King Sky Cake Aleger
Sun King Chaka
the only reason I didn’t try any of these is because I’ve had them all already, and when I got to this table, I thought it best to not have more beer when I already tasted about 30+ 

Table 6: World Class
served by @mattworldclass 

14  – Bell’s Third Coast Beer
9Kasteel Cuvee de Chateau 
not on the original line up, but added last minute as a replacement to the Brooklyn Summer Ale
Bell’s Oberon
12Boulevard Zon
nice blend of the coriander with the pinch of orange citrus
Brooklyn Summer Ale 
was on original line up but didn’t come out to play
Triton Fieldhouse Wheat
Triton Magnificent Amber
13Paulaner Hefe-Weizen
10Van Steenberge Gulden Draak 9000
I think it is unfair that something so creamy and delicious would have to be over 10% ABV, but that’s a Belgian quad for you.
11 Dark Horse Crooked Tree IPA
This IPA with a  140 IBU count had a nice grapefruit, slightly bitter overtone

last by not least
Table 7: Upland Brewing
served by @UplandCari
Upland Wheat
Upland Helios
7 –  Upland Maibock
I had this on draft at the Indianapolis Monthly Beerfest, to me it had a caramel coating mouth feel
8 – Upland Nut Hugger
In addition not on the lineup:
Upland Winter Warmer – BarleyWine 
Upland Infinite Wisdom – Tripel
And that was it! 
I’m a little overwhelmed as I recap the beers available. See what you missed if you weren’t there! Hopefully Kahn’s will keep Beerocracy going and I’m looking forward to what they bring out in Beerocracy III.   I’m also hoping to see more ladies out to these events. 
Out of 80 people who showed up about 10%, if that, were women.  Beer isn’t just for men! 🙂 
Great job Kahn’s! and readers if you need help in choosing some craft beer, please visit Kahn’s  either downtown, on Keystone or up at North Willow. They are a great place to get started in trying new beer. 
– Kathleen

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