Beers, Cheers, and Sneers – October 25

learn_to_homebrew It’s almost that time of year again! Not Halloween. Not Free Speech Week (thought I wouldn’t discourage celebrating that). November 3rd is the annual American Homebrewers Association Learn to Homebrew Day! Have you been curious to learn more about how the fermented beverage we all enjoy is made? Looking to learn some tips and tricks from fellow brewers? Or just want to hang out and drink beer with a bunch of good people who are just as geeky hip and cool as you? Then consider making plans to join a local event. You can find the current listing of events here and there will likely be more added, but the current listing for Indiana includes:

Elkhart: Quality Wine and Ale Supply Learn to Homebrew Day
Contact Name: Krissy (574) 295-9975
108 S Elkhart Ave
10am – 4:30pm
Evansville: OVHA Learn to Brew Day
Contact Name: Jeff Smith
4001 East Morgan Ave
9am – ?
Lafayette: THC Learn to Homebrew Day
Contact Name: Lloyd Chatham
1516 Underwood St.
noon – 5pm

It looks there might also be an event at Tuxedo Park Brewers in Indianapolis. Check them out online or call (317) 408-6970 for more details. Fresh off the GABF gold medal for Sour Reserve, Upland brewer Caleb Staton gave a lengthy interview to Embrace The Funk that divulges a lot of details behind the processes and philosophy of their sour beer program. Click the link to learn more about throwing decoction mash in a mosh pit, raspberry graffiti on the ceiling, and a little upcoming experimentation on their core lineup. As a bonus, make sure you get to the last question for some advice on homebrewing sour beers (hint: you have to be dedicated to not touch it). Following up on their recent “CANlaboration” with Sun King called The Deuce, Oskar Blues is looking at doing a new collaboration with Two Brothers Brewing in Illinois. Oh, and they’re also in talks with some brewery named Three Floyds. Just talks at this point, but I thought that might pique some interest. A British research team working in Antarctica (the coldest place on Earth after Duluth, Minnesota) will be able to celebrate Christmas with a special brew this year. Developed at the Platform Tavern’s Dancing Man Brewery, the secret recipe India Pale Ale uses special hops imported from America and is placed in plastic bottles with all the air squeezed out. This apparently allows the liquid to expand when frozen without losing vital gases and retain its flavor while being delivered in temperatures down to minus 90 degrees Celsius. That’s pretty neat and all, but do the mountains still turn blue?dj_jazzy_jeff The Coors Blue Moon Brewing Company brewmaster recently revealed some new insights in their campaign to look like a small brewery just pushing the envelope. Their Vintage Ale Collection will have new branding and include a wheat ale described as “sparkling chardonnay with a hint of beer.” But I found the Graffiti Collection quite a bit more amusing. Not necessarily the product, as a Double IPA with Juniper berries might actually be worth a try. But the cutting-edge graffiti design on the label looks like it belongs in a DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince video. A medical marijuana shop in Tacoma, WA finds itself in a bit of trouble after selling “Cannabis Enriched Honey Beer” to a minor. The informant successfully obtained three bottles of the pot-beer which led to officials visiting the Hashford Compassion club to seize the remaining inventory of beer. So let me get this straight. You’re a minor who just scored a stash of marijuana-infused beer and you turn it over to the cops? What is wrong with kids these days? Cheers, Nathan

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