Beers leading to Bloomington Craft Beer week and more…. Indiana Beer News March. 27

Spring is an extraordinary time to be a craft beer lover and as we focus on the upcoming Bloomington Craft Beer Week we become aware of so many events and tappings. While we normally leave the “tapping here” announcements to Facebook and Twitter, take today as an example of special items!

FIVE Barrel Aged beers from FIVE Indiana Breweries, tonight at Tomlinson Tap at City Market web site here, Indianapolis. Sun King, Flat12, Bloomington Brewing, Barley Island and Black Acre each provided a BBL aged replicale strong ale were just tapped. This ties to the Bloomington Craft Beer Week because information and tickets for the April 12 Beer Fest will be available tonight at TomTap!

Also in Bloomington, today Bloomington Brewing taps Biere de Mars, an offshoot of the biere de garde style medium body, boldly malted beer with spice notes available in their Tap Room.
And let’s not forget that Triton Brewing at Ft. Harrison put on Pink Ribbon saison for tonight’s Girl’s Pint Out Event Facebook details HERE with the Mentoring Women’s Network.

All of this leads us to preview the Bloomington Craft Beer Week from April 4-11 preceding the Bloomington Craft Beer Festival on April 12 Details here where special events will unfold nearly daily starting on Friday April 4. Bloomington based Upland brewing announced new Haystack Lightning American Wheat, the 2nd in their new Side Trail Series tapping at all Upland locations (Indy area + B’ton) on April 4. This new wheat is filtered for clarity and delivers mote hop (including Amarillo whole leaf hops) and a more grain flavor as an American style.

On Saturday, April 5, Bloomington Brewing release their first ever beer in bottles! Rooftop IPA, a gold medal winner at the Brewer’s Cup ’13, will be available at Big Red Liquors Bloomington main store. Flat12 arrives at famous Nick’s English Hut in Bloomington that Saturday with Half Cycle IPA, Walkabout Pale, Van Pogue Porter, and their Hinchtown Hamerdown Pilsner plus ‘give-aways.’

Other examples of events that week include

– Flat12 tapping and info at Yogi’s Bar and Grill April 6 (3:30PM+)
– BCBW Beer Dinner at The Farm Restaurant’s Root Cellar on April 8 (6pm)
– Tap Takeovers such as Cutters and BBC at The Tap Beer Bar on the square in B’town April 9 (6pm+)
– Tap Takeover of New Albanian and BBC at Nick’s on April 11 (7PM)
– Special keg of Quaf On Brewing at The Alley Bar April 11 (4PM+)

and obviously more…. we will keep you posted.

And of course, this leads up to the Main Event of the Bloomington Craft Beer Fest on Saturday, April 12 DETAILS HERE

Let’s say you already had the urge to go to one of the Midwest’s premier fireworks extravaganzas in Louisville called Thunder Over Louisville on April 12 (or let’s say you are SO adventurous that you will attend BCBF in Bloomington & still drive down to Lou’vall for the Thunder event! Well, there is Craft Beer at Thunder – and in Indiana! Buckhead Mountain Grill and Rocky’s Sub Pub will host their 7th Annual Craft Beer Festival for Thunder, which will showcase local craft beer favorites like Bluegrass Brewing Company, Falls City, Kentucky Ale, Daredevil Brewing, Sun King, Upland and national top breweries such as New Belgium, Stone Brewing, Sierra Nevada, Oskar Blues, Bell’s, Founders and many more! The craft beer event includes a buffet, great view, and a ticket for a sample from each brewery present (as well as sodas and wine available). More information CLICK HERE or call 812-2842919.

And… twitter land was abuzz this week with late news that the FDA is considering controlling animal feed which could regulate or even eliminate the use of brewery spent grains now given free to many farmers.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing regulations for domestic and foreign facilities that are required to register under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (the FD&C Act) to establish requirements for current good manufacturing practice in manufacturing, processing, packing, and holding of animal food. FDA also is proposing regulations to require that certain facilities establish and implement hazard analysis and risk-based preventive controls for food for animals. If you are a regulatory lawyer you can read more HERE OR read one take on it HERE Yet, my experience is that by the time all of the comments get in by March 31, the regulation will change significantly.