Bier Brewery – August Update

As an north east side girl and a new blogger to IndianaBeer .. I thought I’d start out the fun times by showing some love to Bier Brewery

First off on tap this week : August 24th – August 28th
Biersicle / Fruitcup Surprise
Oranjunkle / Barley Buddy Brown
Belgian Dubbel
Calypso IPA
Rye IPA 

The lineup varies week to week.. all being easy to drink, smooth beers. Even the IPAs, to me.. and I am not a hoppy kind of lady.  
This week I highly suggest going down and trying Redrum. It is an Irish Red Ale.. very soft on the tongue. With an IBU of 20.8 and ABV of 5.6%.  I tend to lean towards the porters and stouts as it is.. so of course I fell in love with Redrum and bought a growler to take home. 
Not only is Redrum a new addition to Bier Brewery, but they have a new logo. Bier in the form of Indiana on the front and drink craft beer on the back (will add pics later) 
Later this week I’ll be wearing my new shirt to Hoosier Beer Geek ‘s 5th anniversary party along with my beer knee highs (oh yes.. I have knee highs that say beer along the side) 
So please go to Bier Brewery … and taste the awesomeness.

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