Brew Bracket 5: AMBERgeddon!

“I don’t wanna close my eyes 
I don’t wanna fall asleep 
‘Cause I’d miss you, Brew Bracket
And I don’t wanna miss a thing”

The time has come again for another Brew Bracket!!

Brew Bracket 5: AMBERgeddon!
This competition is better than the rest because YOU get to help decide the winner brew. 
How does it work? 
400 attendees sampling beer from 16 breweries in a March Madness style bracket taste off.  After 4 hours of blind tastings, 4 rounds of voting a winner is announced!

So come one, come all to the Indiana State Fairgrounds on December 8th from 12:30-5pm to participate in this fun, beer swillin’ time for only $35 which also helps out a great cause – Keep Indianapolis Beautiful, Inc. 

Tickets available at :

This season’s participants are some old favorites, previous winners and some new guys:
Triton Brewing Co.
Flat 12 Bierwerks
The RAM Restaurant and Brewery (BBIV: Bourbon Barrel Aged – Winner)
Half Moon Brewery
Bloomington  Brewing Co. 
Barley Island Brewing Co.(BBIII: Wheats – Winner)
Bier Brewery (BBII: Stouts – Winner) 
Three Wisemen Brewing Co. ( a new one to the competition!) 
Rock Bottom  (Rock Bottom Downtown – BBI: IPA – Winner)
Bulldog Brewing Co. 
Fountain Square Brewery
Upland Brewing Co. 
Iechyd Da Brewing Co. (welcome another newbie!)
Powerhouse Brewing Co. 
Oaken Barrel Brewing Co. (Hi – newbie!)
Twisted Crew Brewing Co. 

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Also – Be on the look out for Kathleen and her new Beer Socks. Going red and white for Christmas!