Brew Bracket – Barrel Aged Beers

From the people who brought you —
Brew Bracket I: IPA
Brew Bracket II: Stouts
Brew Bracket III: Wheats
It is now time for
 Brew Bracket 
Barrel Aged Beers!
Unlike previous Brew Bracket this one is only 8 breweries. A little more social fun time, participants will be up at the Tomlinson Tap Room and the beer will be brought to you! Along with a tastings of Harrison Bourbon
All of the beers will be aged in bourbon barrels from Harrison Bourbon, an Indiana Bourbon company. Indiana Beer – Indiana Bourbon.  All in recognition of National Bourbon Heritage Month. 
Interested in coming? – Below is the details 
Event Details:
Saturday September 29th, 6-9PM
Tomlinson Tap Room in the City Market, Indianapolis
Ticket price: $45 (early bird special of $40 through July 29)
Tickets available here

Special Note – Winners from previous Brew Brackets are participating!
Hurry to get your tickets and get ready for one of the best Brew Bracket to come!
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