Brew Bracket vs. Oktoberfest vs. Irvington BrewFest – 9/27/14

This coming Saturday brings along a trio of beer festivals. Unless you are great at either time management, drinking tolerance or just the easiest route – you have a clone, how do you know what festival to go to?

That is sometimes my problem. So many good events, so little time. How does one choice which even to go to?

For me, I wouldn’t go to Oktoberfest this weekend. Oktoberfest is celebrated many times around this city. From more traditional styles of celebrations such as the one put on early in September by the German American Klub to Upland Brewing Co’s gathering in Military Park. Some are family friendly and some are for the 21+ crowd only. As much I love to celebrate with a good lager in my hand,  Prost! to those who go out from 1pm – 9pm. Have a stein for me.

I may be biased by Brew Bracket has always been one of my favorite events. I love that the drinkers get to vote who is the best and that it is tallied up right there for everyone to see. The one coming up on Saturday is a new type of Brew Bracket. Instead of taking a basic style, the team at Brew Bracket are daring 8 breweries to get crazy and experiment with an IPA style of beer.   This appeals to me because it gives people the opportunity to try a beer they may never have had before and may never have again. It also gives the breweries a challenge to turn on the  creativity.  If I was available I’d be at Brew Bracket in a heart beat.  Even if only to see what Flat 12 created for this event.

Irvington Brewfest is tempting only because it is such a small little event. With only 4 local breweries and one local meadery. You could really get to taste, talk and enjoy the music and festivities. Plus it is trying to gain some light for the up and coming Irvington community.

I used to think that so many events was a bad thing and the bubble of beer events or breweries would bust in Indianapolis given the bulge of new craft breweries but maybe sometimes too much of a good thing isn’t a bad idea.

I wish I could go to at least one of these events this weekend, but I hope at least some of the readers get a chance. If you do go to Oktoberfest.. please wear a lederhosen, only cause that’d be incredible to see a local reader celebrating in German style.