Brewers of Indiana Guild and the State Fair

“They who drink beer will think beer.”
-Washington Irving

To help educate the masses and for the sure fun and benefits of it, I volunteered to run the Brewers of Indiana Guild’s booth last Saturday morning and last Wednesday night.  Not only was I educating others, but by playing a trivia game, I educated myself more on general knowledge of Indiana Breweries. A few of the questions were posted on Indiana Beer’s Facebook earlier this week. 
I also learned that sadly not many people know about Indiana beer. Some only know a select amount.  The top names that came to people’s minds were Sun King and Upland Brew Co.  With the 2012 Brewer’s Cup Awards list up, Bier Brewery was one that a lot of people asked about though.
I found that by asking people what they have already tried, or what kind of style they liked, it opened up really good conversations into recommending new breweries to try.  I know I sent a few people away with directions, ways to get, or reasons to go to either Flat12 Bierwerks, Bier Brewery, Black Acre, Thr3e Wisemen and Brugge Brasserie. I took a baby step approach to conversions some people when they mentioned drinking Budweiser to trying Sun King Sunlight, which would be light, smooth, easy to drink and a nice switch over. 
Over the conversations with the almost 200 people that came into the booth while I was there, I only heard one person mention they don’t drink craft beer because of the price. I tried to highlight some of the more affordable breweries as well as highlight some of their specials and sales. I also played up the advantage of growler sales on Sunday. 

All in all, I’m glad that I was able to represent the guild, represent IndianaBeer, represent as an Indiana craft beer drinker and give people information and inspiration to try something new. 

– Kathleen

On my way to the fair!