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The soft opening for Bulldog Brewing Company was scheduled for Saturday, October 8 and although I would have loved to attend I decided against it.  As I have been told by someone close to the brewery, the state of Indiana had, as of Saturday, not released the necessary brewing permit.

A “Grand Opening” is scheduled for sometime in the near future and in the interim Bulldog is offering a decent selection of other craft beers with their limited menu.

From the list of beers detailed on their website, Bulldog Brewing Company might be a new destination for craft beer fans, although I’ll reserve my judgment after I actually have a few pints.

On a totally different note, I know the two are entirely different in form, but the script “B” for Bulldog is eerily similar to the “B” for Brooklyn Brewery.

Stay tuned for more information related to the Grand Opening.

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  1. We stopped in at Bulldog on Friday evening (10/14). David Sanchez (from Sounds of Santana) and his wife performed that evening. We had a great time — the atmosphere and music was great — so we are willing to return to try their special brews.

  2. We stopped in Bulldog on saturday for a beer. They don't have the permits to sell their beer yet. The atmosphere is great but we were very dissppointed by their small selection of guest brews on tap,four and even more disappointed that their bottled beer inventory consisted of eight beers by Miller,Bud and Corona and three selections from Three Floyd's. Hopefully things will change when they start selling their own beer but right now Bulldog brewery is a sports bar, not a brewpub.

  3. The guy that was brewing for them evidently quit on Saturday. We watched as an argument ensued between him and one of the owners. The staff looked utterly confused. Boy, was that guy steaming!

  4. Stopped in on Sunday for the Bears game. Good crowd. All three fermenters full, IPA, wheat, and lager. Brewing again mid week. Grand opening planned for October 26.

  5. After what I've heard, I will never patronize this establishment. Attempted theft of another brewer's recipes? Forget these jokers.

  6. Five bucks a pint?! For Northwest Indiana? Sorry…Whiting is NOT a classy enough venue to be able to charge five bucks for a beer. Heard one guy in a Bulldog shirt say they are laughing all the way to the bank. Word of advice: don't brag that you are taking your customers "for a ride" IN FRONT of your customers.

  7. What about the beer? Reviews, anyone? I heard it tasted "green". I am particular about spending my money on beer. I always make my buddies go and try it first. Their take was less than stellar.

  8. Stopped in with a few friends to taste their offers – three on tap now and more coming soon. My favorite was the lager – nice and crisp, great food too! I can't wait to try their next offerings!! I will definitely be back.

  9. First of all for all of you, generally brew pubs do not carry any bottled beer from miller or any of them. From what I understand they are trying to make it so everyone can come in and enjoy even those that dont like brew beer. They have a full liquor assortment and everyone I have met there is very nice. Sometimes the wait staff is slacking but they are working hard to get off their feet. I think they have brought a lot of good to whiting and they are charging more im sure to keep certain types of people out

  10. Stopped in with a coworker who recommended the food (which was very good btw)but knew I was a beergeek. I was NOT disappointed! They have a IPA that is nice and crisp with no aftertaste. It now ranks up there with a few of my favorites. I took a growler to go! Will be back for a refill soon.

  11. Gave this place a second try. Fool me once, shame on you…fool me twice, shame on me. Food and service were once again bad…if not worse than before. I am a hophead, so I went for the IPA. *sigh* The only thing I am going to say is that the beer is lacking…in everything that an IPA should be. There is no accounting for taste, however…and my opinion is my own. But I spend A LOT of money on craft beer…and I will NOT waste my money there again. Three Floyds, please forgive me…I am coming home to you!

  12. I am very HAPPY and pleased with the way things are turning out at BULLDOG!!! I have had some problems and yet they have seemed to work out a lot of the kinks. I am so happy for them and their food and beer are amazing. The people for the most part are extremely wonderful. Everytime I have come in I have seen the manager busting her a#@. She is always polite and comes over and tallks to us. I have never seen a manager so into her work and she is definitely a keeper. If for some reason she ever decides to leave I am going to hunt her down..lol and hire her at my place!!

  13. If you want to go to a place where there is plenty of staff, and the service is TERRIBLE! Then Bull Dog brewery is just for you! The wait staff is ignorant when it comes to knowledge of the beer, and they're to young to appreciate why people go to micro-breweries in the first place. The food was great, the ambiance is welcoming, but there is a strong chill in the air. You'll need to be bundled up and have about 5 hours to kill to get a buzz. 20mins for a beer with 2 bartenders, and 5 waiters w a head count of about 15, is just sad. They NEED HELP! Could be good, but BEER GEEKS is where it's at!

  14. I want to try them out to see if they are as bad as this guy says. I assume it is the same person posting multiple negative comments.

  15. Horrible service, beer ok but food cold and servers when available and not on their ipads are rude, not pleasing to the eyes, and only check on the tables when they decide to move their weight.

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