CANvitational, really delivered on beer we can’t get! 9/10/16

CANvitational the  Saturday, September 10, event on Georgia Street was a blast.  This is a quick recap as I add some pictures and a few more stories

This event celebrates the beer can.  Thanks to the pioneer position of Sun King and other breweries I’ve learned to enjoy beer more from cans than bottles.  Canned beer stays fresher longer. Light and oxygen, the enemies of beer, can’t get to the beer!  Cans are quickly recycled.  I mean I actually smash my cans, take them to a scrap metal center a few times a year and walk out with just  bit more beer money!

Did it rain?  Yep,  Rain for about 30 minutes. Some got under tents, many had ponchos.  It was rarely drenching. But the beer was quenching (sorry).

So what ARE some beers I tried you can’t get here?

Piney River Beers at CANvitational

Piney River Beers at CANvitational

Marble Brewing (Albuquerque, NM) Red, a very tasty beer I got to try this summer

Piney River (Ozarks, MO) has a World Beer Cup and  GABF winner but brought  Hobby Farm with honey and Basil.  I really enjoyed the Sweet Potato Ale this year.

Austin Beerworks (Austin, TX) Black Thunder, Schwarzbeer.

Indeed (no, that’s the name) Brewing Company (Minneapolis) Midnight Ryder Black IPA was very smooth as was , & Double Daytripper Double Pale Ale.

Mad Tree Brewing, (Cincinnati, OH)   Shade Blackberry Gose  & Blood Orange PsycHOPathy

Rahr's Brewing Texas

Rahr’s Brewing Texas

Pizza Port (Yes, that one – San Diego) Carlsbad Chronic Amber was recommended by another attendee.  Truly mahogony and solidly malty.

Champion Brewing (Charlottesville, VA) Positive Jam,  Lavender and Coriander ale or Tart 3% Berliner Weisse

Dry Dock Brewing, (Aurora Colorado) Sour Apricot, Blonde Ale brewed with apricot puress

Rahr & Sons (Fort Worth, TX) Bucking Bock &  Rahr’s Blond Helles Lager, both traditional German styles

4 Hands, (St. Louis, MO)  Sour Ale with passionfruit

Lost Forty Brewing Co. (Little Rock, Ark.)  with former Indy brewer Omar Castrellon,  had a solid Hefeweizen and the Love Honey Bock using 120 pounds of local honey in every batch.

and even beers we can find here but we love like Country Boy Brewing, (Lexington, KY) Shotgun Wedding, vanilla brown ale. Actually brewed for a wedding and made for all of us.

For a partial list of breweries and for TICKETS check out CANvitational click HERE

the 4th annual Sun King CANvitational canned craft beer festival is held in downtown Indianapolis on Saturday, September 10 from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Located on the west block of Georgia Street, known for Super Bowl XLVI festivities and the famed Pan Am Plaza