Cavalier Distributing’s new digs

Matt Gerdenich and the crew moved from their “hell hole” to a new warehouse on Indy’s far east side back in November and we apologize for just now making a visit. c01
The new place is as non-descript as the old one.
No sense in advertising the thousands of gallons of beer inside.  c02
The interior is way bigger, way taller, way brighter, and holds way more beer.
This picking station holds the 300 most popular titles by the case. Every evening when the route drivers get back from deliveries
they pick and load their trucks for the next day’s run.
Deliveries may be in Evansville or Whiting. It can be a long day. c03
Plenty of room for incoming pallets.
We could show you another 5 pictures much like this one. c04
Through the curtain is a 60’x60’ walking used mainly for kegs.
This area can be doubled if needs be. c05 c06 c07
Lots of kegs.  c08 c09
Cavalier has picked up Orkney’s products including
Dark Island, Dragonhead, Red MacGregor, and Skull Splitter. c10
Sprecher has been a staple for Cavalier for years. And Cavalier handles some of my favorites for drinking or cellaring. c11 c12 c13
They also handle deliveries to the Greenwood BJ’s;
a situation caused by the Indiana law requiring
all beer coming into the state to go through a distributor. c16
Matt’s office has lost none of the clutter.