Celebrations, tastings, and new beer.

The Indiana Historical Society has a beer tasting & story telling event Tonight, Nov. 9, in the Cole Porter Room and Lilly Hall. The event from 6-8PM is free, but requires registration on the IHS web-site for 21-year-olds only. The Brewers Guild of Indiana provides the beer and author Doug Wissing (Indiana, One Pint at a time) will tell stories along with Ted Miller of Brugge and others.

On Nov. 18, at 6:00 PM, Brugge Brasserie is having a Poppa Skull release party with Dogfish Head and Three Floyds breweries unique co-creation. According to DFH, the golden ale was brewed at their brewery using cardamom and Belgian yeast strains and aged in oak brandy barrels.

Remember the Champaign of beer slogan? Sam Adams is releasing Infinium, a collaboration between Sam Adams and Weihenstephan (claiming to be the world’s oldest brewery) as a 10% beer with Noble hops and bottled in a 750ml bottle calling it a hoppy, aromatic pilsner.