Chance to learn about Bad Beer!

sun_king_after-schoolSun King is offering a class for $40 on off flavors and problems with beer!   This is called “After School Special:  When Good Beers Go Bad” and is held Wednesday, Oct. 26, 6-8 pm, at Sun King Brewing
135 North College Avenue, Indianapolis, IN 46202.  Sun  King says, “This course will show the public a behind the scenes look at how Sun King employees are trained for sensory panel. Participants will learn how to properly taste and evaluate a sample for off-flavor detection and learn the common defects found in beer production.”

I certainly have thrown out beer that was flawed. Early on in networking with brewers and taking classes from my friend Ron Smith on beer, I learned some of these things that can make bad beer. Frankly it would be wonderful if more consumers would understand ‘bad beer’ so they can better evaluate beers and even breweries.   This session sounds like a great introduction for those wanting to learn all about beer, for home brewers, and a great refresher for some.

Tickets available on Eventbrite