Chow Down Midtown

Chow Down Midtown is an great event highlight Broadripple’s culinary talents with affordable menus options.  Sometimes, along with those culinary talents, there is also beer.

Sahm’s Place partnering with their neighbors down the way, Bier Brewery, offered a delicious 4 – 4oz sample flight of Bier’s bier with their ChowDown Midtown meal.

I, of course, living down the street from both, and Bier fan that I am instantly decided I need to check out this line up.

This wasn’t a beer paired dinner, which in case you were interested, Sahm’s & Bier does offer a beer paired dinner for $30 a person every third Thursday, this was just great beer with good food.

The beer options for the night were Farmgal, Bier Brewery’s saison, Weizengoot – a hefeweizen, Rye Pale, and the famous Trippelle.  All of them good, even if I’m not a fan of the Rye Pale. Obviously Farmgal is my favorite, followed by the Trippelle.  The genuine smoothness and simple flavors went well with what I had for dinner without over pouring them. Since it wasn’t a beer pair dinner, there wasn’t any flavor enhancement with the food. Just a basic enjoyment of good bier.

After the flight went, and boy did it go quickly, I ordered a Figure 8 – Pimp Slap (Imperial Pilsner). Lately I’ve really been into trying and drinking different pilsners. It was triggered after my visit to Great Lakes Brewery and I really liked the Wright Pils. Figure 8’s Pimp Slap was delicious, and my only regret was I don’t live near by the brewery to get more.

My suggestion? Hit up Sahm’s Place before Chowdown Midtown is over (June 23rd is the last day) and get a free flight of Bier with your dinner.  This is the perfect way to try new craft beer if you haven’t had a chance and a ladies, it’d be a great way to get your partner out on a date night if you mention free craft beer.