Club Soda Bell’s Event (Fort Wayne) – October 26

Thursday, November 8 @ 5:30p.m.:

Club Soda will be having a Bell’s beer event featuring their Jazz Series beers that consist of three (3) Bell’s beers that usually are not released outside of Bell’s brewpub.  Jason, from Bell’s, will be in attendance and there is the possibility of yet another Bell’s beer to be featured at this event that is a highly sought after beer and it too is not readily available.  There will also be music provided by “The West Central Quartet”.  The beers are:

Le Batteur Ale –             Style:  Biere de Garde
                                       ABV:  6.0%

This beer has a distinctive yeast aromatic character mixed with light bready notes. Noticeably dry, the finish is crisp with a mild, refreshing acidity. The French term for a drummer, Le Batteur takes its name from a component of a classic jazz trio.

Le Contrebassiste Ale – Style:  Biere de Garde
                                       ABV:  7%

This beer blends roasted & lightly smoked malts and is fermented with a special French ale yeast which lends its own distinctive aromatic notes. The beer’s namesake, the Double Bass, is reflected in the deep, rich flavors that resonate in this unique offering.

Le Pianiste Ale –            Style:  Biere de Garde
                                       ABV   6.5%

This beer starts as a malt forward beer, combining biscuity, breadcrust notes with a light caramel flavor.  Noticeably dry, the finish is crisp with a lively, refreshing acidity.

The above information about each of the beers was found on Bell’s website (

The cost of each beer is $5.00 per pint.  To make a reservation for this event, call Club Soda at (260) 426-3442 and their website is:  (