Craft Beer from Outliers teams with special plates at the new The Owner’s Wife gastro pub

The dining area

This is a blog about beer so why am I writing about a restaurant?  Ted Miller, owner of Brugge Brasserie and Outliers Brewery, has been a pioneer in the food and beverage business.  Ted brought Belgian style food and beer to Broad Ripple with Brugge Brasserie.  Ted has tried a number of experiments at increasing brewing output which finally resulted in expanding to a building that now houses Outliers Brewery in the Chatham Arch neighborhood of Indianapolis. Since nearly the first day I visited Outliers Ted was talking about his wife, Shannon Stone, opening a restaurant in the adjacent or other part of the building which was purchased as one.  The theme is the same, pioneering concept with unusual beer and food.

In late February The Owner’s Wife opened its doors and now serves dinner Tuesday through Sunday, 4:30 to 11 pm, except until 9 pm on Sunday.  They plan lunch eventually. The location is 608 N Park Ave, literally less than 500 feet south of Mass Ave.

Touches of Art everywhere

The nine beers on tap for the opening included   Whinney Banks on Nitro, a session pale ale (3.8%), Buffalo Jacket IPA, Blau Machen pilsner, Whitcomb Rye, Diamond Kings sour (11%), Dead Man’s Line wild ale (11%), Plum Pooka, the sour from Brugge with plum (4%),  Super Kitty fantastico sour (11%), and Grissete a farmouse ale (3.75%).  Thus a nice blend of high and low alcohol beers with  a range to capture the average person (IPA, Pils, pale) as well as the craft beer lover.

The food menu was developed in conjunction with Jonathan Brooks who started at Brugge Brasserie but went on to acclaim at Milktooth, his own place along with his wife Ashley,  in Fountain Square.  The meals range from Portuguese inspired tins of mussels, octopus, shrimp and sardines, to small plates of frog legs, egg salad tartine along with mixtures of cheese, vegetables, and meats plus surprises.  The Owner’s Wife vinegar is made on premise and sold in distinct packaging for home use.

Barrels add a touch

The restaurant is comfortable modern with touches of unique artwork and visual features.  Yet another adventure from Ted, long in the planning and based on the stir so far it seems people are enjoying this. Expect prices ranging from $13 down to $5-9 for the small plates. The Chef’s Board must be huge at $23, and sounds very shareable.

But the beer at $5 for most (Diamond King’s and Super Kitty at $8) are expected.  Just think you could sit at the bar in the late afternoon or early evening, grab a beer and enjoy a small plate and feast for just over $10.

The Blau Machen has been one of my favorites. Yet sometimes I am in the mood for the Whitcomb Rye with it’s nod to Indiana.  Of course, the Pooka might call!

We wish them well!