Daredevil Doubles Down to meet Demand

Daredevil Brewing of Shelbyville, has fueled great success in about four months with their ongoing Lift Off IPA, their Muse Belgian Golden Ale, and more recently their Rip Cord Double IPA. With over 100 locations and 150 taps primarily in greater central Indiana and a few in Southern Indiana, demand is strong enough that they are doubling capacity, to allow fans to get twice the brew. Lift Off will continue to be the flagship beer as an extremely balanced and yet hop-forward IPA. When opening in January they promised Lift Off plus at least one seasonal. Daredevil Muse satisfied the desire of many for a slightly sweet, slightly spicy, Belgian Golden Strong that delivers huge flavor while going down smooth. When they gave the world Rip Cord this satisfied a craving for intense hops in a wallop of a beer that remains balanced with malt underpinning. We recently encountered a successful local chef/owner downing a Rip Cord as his ‘shift beer’ at the end of an evening in the kitchen. As the Daredevil crew likes to say, “aggressively fun beers.”

Yes, new beers are coming! By the end of May expect Rip Cord to circulate off tap slowly being replaced by another hop forward brew! That beer includes German malt and is being brewed as this blog is being posted! And Belgian beer lovers will find another Belgian style beer available by mid-June! In order to guarantee that at least 3 beers will always be available via regional taps Daredevil’s new tanks have shipped and not only will the brewery be able to crank out more beer, they have more flexibility in keeping a given style around to satisfy demand.

Daredevil has focus! Daredevil Brewing carefully plans their beer styles like major national brewers, allowing fans to find a particular beer over and over for awhile, fresh and on tap. Rather than divert their attention with bottling or self-distribution Daredevil is focused on brewing consistent styles. We find their increased sales coming from consistent consumption; certain locations have reported that Daredevil beers are among their top-selling pours. Don’t look for growlers or a tasting room! Michael, Bill, and Shane want to have beer near you; check for locations throughout greater Central & Southern Indiana http://www.daredevilbeer.com/#locations Look for a steady flow with a nice variety of both hoppy and Belgian style beer to continue from Daredevil.

Meanwhile we see other major brewers expanding distribution. While SunKing of Indianapolis has become one of Indiana’s top three breweries by selling almost exclusively within a 100 mile radius of Indy, this Spring they announced distribution agreements with Indiana Beverage Company for Northern Indiana and North Vernon Beverage for Southern Indiana. SunKing also plans to double their already huge production facility by Spring 2014.

Flat12 Bierwerks of Indianapolis expanded distribution all the way to Nashville, TN this Spring as they jump over space to a city that had fewer local brewers than Indy. Flat12 found they have been well received at beer fests in Nashville.

More great beer!


Greg Kitz