Daredevil takes top honors at Indiana Brewers’ Cup awards, Bier Brewery & Flix close in medal count

Daredevil Brewing of Speedway, Indiana, won SIX total medals, more than any single by our count, and impressively won 3 first place gold medals in the Indiana Brewers Cup competition on Saturday, July 8, 2017.   Our records show they also received six medals in 2016.  Perhaps importantly before starting their commercial brewery the two founding brewers, Michael Pearson and Bill Ballinger, wrapped up more medals in the Homebrew category for a few years in a row than any other home brewers, between them winning an award in half of all total categories back in 2010!   Daredevil opened a production brewery in 2013, and moved to Speedway in June of 2015. (covered at indianabeer.com here)   Here is our indianabeer.com story just weeks after they first started the brewery to read click here.  This years first place medals were for a German style pils, a dunkles (dark) bock, and an amber lager.

Daredevil was awarded Indiana Brewery of the Year and Grand Champion Brewery.  Daredevil recently took honors in the 2017 Can Can Awards which draws entries of over 400 canned professional beers from across the globe.  Daredevil captured Gold for a Brett Project IPA in that competition, as well as Silver for their Vacation Kölsh.

Bier Brewery of Indianapolis, a regular award winner at the Brewers’ Cup and former Brewery of the Year award winner, also took home 3 gold medals this year.   Bier captured 4 medals at the Best of Craft Beer awards back in January 2017 in Oregon, and last year captured 2 gold medals in the World Beer Cup, an international competition with over 6500 beers entered from 1900+ breweries. The Brewers’ Cup Gold to Bier came for a British Style brown ale, their weissbeer, and a barleywine.

Flix Brewhouse of Carmel left with the five total medals, second in medal count to Daredevil, with i gold for a Biere De Gard, Belgian/French style ale. Flix impressed us with a series of German Gose style tart beers in several flavors last year  along with several other specialty beers.

Metazoa  Brewing of Indianapolis was the only other Indiana brewery to win multiple gold awards for beer (excluding cider – see Noble Order below).   Metazoa got the gold for their Indiana cream ale and their wee heavy entries.  Metazoa has only been open since April of 2016 and has one of the best views of the city close to downtown!   Here is our story after they first opened.  Brewers have changed but on a recent visit, we found the beer to be solid!

Mad Anthony Brewing of Fort Wayne does not surprise us with 4 total medals, but with both a Gold and Silver in the IPA category!  Mad Anthony is one of Indiana’s earlier (late 1990s from concept) breweries now expanded to multiple locations!

And perhaps in the lesser known or other mentions categories:

Congratulations to Schnitz Brewery of Jasper, Head Brewer  Wayne Patmore has always impressed me with his understanding of German beer, having spent time with the U.S. Army in Germany loving beer.  Look a guy in a kilt at a beer festival and you may  be looking at Wayne.  Schnitz took a gold medal for a blond ale.   This brewery has been open since 2014.

Noble Order Brewery of Richmond, with a Tap Room in Zionsville, took a gold medal for an ordinary bitter beer, and one for a cider.  This brewery opened in 2011 as The Big Dawg Brewery, later changing the name to Noble Order and continuing with a Knight and Chivalry theme.

Full results for professional brewing can be found here.

In the Home Brewer Category,  Foam Blowers of Indiana won Homebrew Club of the Year as well as the Bill Friday Club Award with (by my count) 22 total medals.   Homebrewer of the year went to Tom Wallbank of Zionzville where I counted 6 total medals!

Ron Smith, a key member of the Foam Blowers of Indiana, won the Golden Growler award for his contributions to brewing!   Ron has so played so many key roles in the growth of craft beer, both with professional brewers and home brewers, as BJCP judge and teacher of judges, as speaker and adviser to many, by running a class on beer for IUPUI, by offering guided tours to Belgian and German breweries and beer locales, and many,  many other feats,  too many to mention.   Thanks, Ron, for all you do and have done for craft beer!