Date Night – Chilly Water and Tappers Arcade

Every now and then my husband and I try to plan a date night.    We go through the same old list of things to do and most of the time it usually ends up being dinner and a movie.   This time we decided to head out towards Fountain Square/Fletcher Place.

Chilly Waters on the corner

We stopped in at Chilly Water Brewing Company at 719 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203, since it was a Saturday and they did have live music.    It was a little busy but we were able to grab a table within five minutes of getting there.   Chilly Water is all about their music and I like all kinds of music so I’m glad we were able to visit while Mike wheeler and Andrew McPheters we’re playing; I really enjoyed them.    Mike wheeler has a voice that could make you melt.   They were an added bonus to Chilly Waters awesome food and good beer.    My husband and I both enjoyed the Cuban slider with bacon potato salad.    It is something I will be returning for and for the most important part they have one in particular beer that I absolutely love.   It is called Smoke on the Lager  Rauchbier at 5.8% ABV.    They say it was ‘forged’ with European malted barley that embraced plumes of Beechwood smoke and you definitely can taste it.   This beer takes you straight to a roasty, toasty campfire.   My second favorite of theirs would have to be dark side of Munich Dunkel 6.1% ABV.   It is slightly sweet with a smooth finish.   My husband enjoyed the barley O’Reilly, an English style barleywine at 11.6% ABV plus Dark Sarcasm, a Russian imperial stout at 9.5% ABV.

I want to mention on a previous trip to Chilly Water I enjoyed the coconut porter at 5.7% but I always enjoyed coconut porter.   Chilly Water has great food, awesome beer,  and if you check out their website you can try to plan a visit when they have live music.   We definitely enjoyed the music but we didn’t end the night there.

We walked over to Tapper’s Arcade at 501 Virginia Avenue, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46203.   It was about a five-minute walk, maybe not even that.   It being a Saturday they were hopping but it is so much fun.   My husband and I are gaming geeks but I think most people would have a good time in this nostalgic setting.   They are always changing the tap list but they have a wide variety of craft beers.   I had the Cherry Picker, a Belgian dubbel by Taxman at 8.0% ABV and 20 ibu.   I enjoyed its hint of cherry and dried fruit.   My husband had the Chocolate Cherry Wee Muckle from Sun King,  a Wee Heavy Scotch ale at 8.5% ABV and 35ibu.    We both really like the chocolate cherry and  the WeMu.

Tappers Arcade

The arcade games are free with the exception of the pinball machines.   the beer sales is what keeps the game’s going and free but you don’t have to twist my arm to enjoy it a few beers and be able to play some arcade games.   They have a wide variety of games;  some of my favorites like Mortal Kombat 2, Gauntlet, Galaga, Pole position and Super Street Fighter 2 plus some great classics like Donkey Kong, Frogger, Mario Bros and Joust.   They even have a super awesome Elvira pinball machine.   I have been to Tapper’s Arcade before during the week and it was not as busy.   It is definitely easier to get around and play the games you want, when you want, during the week.   But with the weekend crowd it is a different experience with a fun atmosphere of a wide variety of people battling it out and cheering each other on for games such as Mortal Kombat and Punch Out.   So bottom line we had a blast on our date night:   great food, awesome music, arcade games, and most important great beer! Cheers!

by – Leesaloo

NOTE:  This story was previously published but seemed to get buried.  We’ve brought it back to the top of the blog!