Dribs and Drabs

Upland will start selling the current batch of kiwi, strawberry and blackberry lambics on October 1. The kiwi is my favorite – wonderfully tarty and heck, I’ve seen Return of the King about a dozen times. Since demand is way higher than availability there’s a lottery for one bottle per person. The lottery can be entered at www.UplandSours.eventbrite.com. No payment when you enter the lottery. Easier to use the web page than www.healthcare.gov. If you’re picked you can pick up your bottle in Bloomington or Indy on Oct 22-Nov5. Good luck. The Beer Barons have a long interview with Sun King’s Clay Robinson. BigBeerThere’s a guy in Texas who has enough Saccharomyces cerevisiae in his stomach he blew .37% without drinking any alcohol. A hospital study confirmed his problem – now called Gut Fermentation Syndrome. Headline: Which NFL Stadium has the Best Craft Beer? (hint – Indy is tied for 7th with Baltimore). Headline: How Chemistry can Explain the Difference between Bourbon and a Tennessee Whiskey. Self-explanatory. The Pretentious Beer Glass Company makes a neat half and half glass. Or is that a black and tan glass? Can’t figure out how the ale and the stout don’t mix during the first quaff. At $35/glass, good luck with that. Meanwhile today’s silly pics are big beers. Skoal. Stiegl HeinieTruck