Dribs and Drabs

The Riley Ridge homebrew store in Lanesville (west of New Albany) is closed. We’re told they hope to open soon in New Albany itself.

It’s about time to make that Pumpkin Keg.

Upland‘s Helio Pale Ale got a 90 score in the latest All About Beer magazine. Also, Caleb’s Sour Reserve Blend #2 was reviewed by Roger Protz (“sour and tart fruit aroma, with hints of herbs, freshly-mown grass, smoke and oak. Creamy malt coats the tongue and a gentle hint of hops peeps through the sourness . . . Challenging but rewarding”) and Garrett Oliver (“Some rosy floral accents, apricots and a little balsamic vinegar. There are plenty of sours out there these days, and many are cartoons. This is a painting. And, oddly, it’ll work wonders with barbecue.”)

It’s also time to plan the Stone Vertical Epic Party. Stone’s been putting out this beer annually since 2.2.02 with each a different style. The last of the series, 12.12.12 is planned to hit the stores then. A 11-flight vertical will be very interesting – especially if you have all 11 – or even just a few. 1.1.01, 7.7.07, and 8.8.08 aren’t to be found by themselves. Full sets have sold for $2,500 Other Ebay selling prices are:

02.02.02 – $455                   03.03.03 – $53 average
04.04.04 – $54 average         05.05.05 – $55
06.06.06 – $45                     09.09.09 – $10
10.10.10 – $17

Stone is having a tasting party in Escondido, CA for $150.
I have three 3.3.03 and three 8.8.08 if anyone needs them for their own party.

In 2009 Tennessee’s laws allowed distilling in only three counties. They changed it then to add 41 more counties. But in Hamilton County where Chattanooga is stills are still stilted and coppers will cop your coppers. In other words it is risky to make whiskey. So what are the folks at Chattanooga Whiskey to do? They contracted from the Indiana Distillery. Article in the Times Free Press. Did they have to headline it Indiana Whiskey Gives Us a Hangover?

The results of the ATC auction of liquor permits is online. 279 permits were sold by the state for a total of 3,800,000.United Package Liquors spent $450,000 for a store license in Brownsburg. Friendly Package Liquors in Yorktown will get a competitor who paid $275,000. Most of the action was done by Liquor Licenses R Us and Dolgencorp (Dollar General).

Liquor Licenses R Us. Hmmm. A reseller. But its illegal to sell licenses for more than the auction value. Here’s a story about another reseller.

BeerAmerica.TV is great for those who like beer and watch videos.

The Cheltenham Motor Club in Gloucester won best southwest private club in this year’s CAMRA competition. I’ve spent a half-dozen enjoyable evenings in their friendly embrace. Good guys. Sometimes race cars, more often drink real ale in fine condition. Congratulations. (Noted here in hopes a member googles this entry and swells with pride.)

Whaaat? A/B is making Becks in the U.S., exporting it to Germany. Article

Brewmeister Armageddon. 65%. That’s PERCENT. 130 proof. Beer. Buyable. $60 + shipping from England.
Whiteclay, Nebraska sells more beer per capita than any other town. Anywhere. Four million cans. Population: 11. The nearby Winnebago tribe is Siouxing. Not a happy story.

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