Dribs and Drabs

Congratulations to Chris Hoover for 47 ft. Blonde Ale which won at the UpCup Homebrew judging. Speaking of homebrew recipes brewed in large scale, Broad Ripple Brewpub is serving a Vienna Lager, The Lost Stone, that won Best of Show at last summer’s State Fair Brewer’s Cup. Congratulations again to Evan Brill of Louisville. Beer Buzz is online only now. Read Rita Kohn’s news at http://www.nuvo.net/indianapolis/beer-wine/Category?oid=1249107 and add it to your news reader. This week there’s a special about the Ram. And see anthropologist Jamie Gordon’s in-depth about Rita. Newest Hoosier beers coming to the shelves:

Triton Brewing: Wit or Witout You
Mad Anthony Brewing: Summer Daze Wheat
Bloomington Brewing: Back Country Session IPA (which will support the Indiana Forest Alliance).
Evil Czech Brewery: Periodic Session IPA
Bare Hands Brewery: will can and will be available in June.

Ohio has a bill in the legislature that will raise beer’s allowable ABV from 12% to 21%. Heck. I remember 3.2% back in the 1960s. New BJCP guidelines are out for home- and commercial brewers. Here’s a synopsis. Headlines: SABMiller acquires craft beer firm. Meantime of Greenwich, a brand available here.goat 2 Pay to Play Investigation of Craft Beer Industry Comes to a Head. Massachusetts. Russia Sees 9% Slowdown in Beer Market Four drunk goats taken to hospital after falling unconscious from drinking illicit liquor. Revenuers in India dumped out 11,500 bottles and the goats found the puddles. William Shakespeare’s Father: Official Ale-Taster of Stratford-upon-Avon. That job was called a conner. Don’t ask why because we don’t know. York beer challenge: Do you find fined fine or is unfined finer? A beer festival in York will see seven breweries with have both versions. Fizzics promises to pour a perfect draft-beer head, straight from the bottle. $149. Not available yet – in crowdfunding status. Japan would have a machine that pours the perfect beer (short Video). It’s a vending machine. Beer Cocktail Bans and Other Stupid Booze Laws. Yep, bombers are illegal in Virginia. As was sangria. Beer Glass Shape Alters How Fast We Drink Alcohol: Are You Drinking Too Much? At Medical Daily. If you’re shaped like a dimple mug . . . Nitrogen-Infused Coffee That Tastes Like Beer is All The Rage Belgian beer and coffee could help keep you slim Huh, a Bone Luge to pour drinks into your mouth through a hopefully cleaned marrow holder. Hot in New Orleans. Here’s a similarly bad idea for a brewfest: a mechanical bull. Oh, maybe not. The keg toss will do just as well.