Dribs and Drams

BeerAdvocate is split on whether to visit 18th Street Brewery or Three Floyds. thread The Brewers of Indiana Guild has formed a committee to look into the RFRA. Title 7.1 says:

  • A training course can’t discriminate in employment of servers.
  • It does not allow a beer, wine or liquor retailer to discriminate among persons on the basis of race, sex, age, or religion when selecting persons to have access to the retailer’s facilities and services. (Nor to pay a “club fee”).

Indiana On Tap tells us Tow Yard Brewing will have Goldie Hops and Horse Power Double Pale Ale in cans for the NCAA parties. On April 23rd, Upland Brewing will open an online lottery for the release of three of its sour ales: Peach, Persimmon, and Pawpaw. Bottles will be limited to 2 Peach, 1 Persimmon and 1 Pawpaw per winner. The lottery will open at noon EDT on Thursday, April 23rd and close at noon EDT on Thursday April 30th. Pick up on May 13-27 at Bloomington or Indy. Eric Strader says The first Goshen Brewing Co. brews are in the fermenters A look at microbrewery laws being considered nationwide. Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Maine, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Texas, West Virginia and Wyoming. More on nutritional information on beer labels. AlessiSplugenBeerGlass The Alessi Splugen Beer Glass just looks upside-down. At $32 it better look less like a nuclear cooling tower. But then a Corona in the background . . . Those curious Brits have found out people look sexier after one beer. But that’s a 20oz beer. articleEverything you always wanted to know about Japanese Whisky. For instance they started distilling it just as Prohibition hit the U.S. Taste Test: The Best (And Absolute Worst) Gluten-Free Beers The Washington Post says “Our booze is too cheap and it’s literally killing us” They’re bitching about how low alcohol taxes have become. Go figure. Oh, here’s the figures: Illinois raised it’s wine & liquor tax by 100% and the beer tax by 25% (about 1/2 cent per drink). And the results? They say 26% alcohol-related automotive fatalities. Right. It’s Easter. Brew today’s beer with Peeps. article Headline: Foreign brewers battle for Ethiopia’s beer drinkers. article Evidently children are no longer starving there like my mom told me. OpEd. How We’re Killing Craft Beer Classics: The Death of Stone Ruination.

Ancient Egyptian Beer-Making Vessels Discovered in Tel Aviv. 4,000 year old pottery fragments. article to scroll down to.

True beer lovers drink low-alcohol beers (according to a New Zealander). We have pictures to disprove that.


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