Dribs and Drams

Newsy Stuff Dark Lord tickets (Apr. 27) go on sale this Sunday at noon. $30. No coolers, no trading, no lawn chairs, no selling your ticket. Brew Bracket on April 27 (6-9pm) in Indy will feature Belgians link ZwanzigZ Pizza in Columbus are bottling. IPA and Honey Wheat now in glass. link Kevin Cox of Muncie / Heorot / has won runner-up in Wynkoop’s Beerdrinker of the Year competition. link Diegeo (Guinness) told the British Institute of Innkeeping they couldn’t give a trophy to BrewDog. link New Breweries Jason and Elizabeth Lacny and Colin and Kimberly Oswald have asked the town council of Winfield (east of Crown Point) for the okey dokey to set up a brewery and tap room. link Indiana City Brewing Co. gets some ink about their Home Brewing Co. ancestry. link Publicity stuff Bloomington Brewery at the Courier Press. link Sun King held a tasting in Fort Wayne. link Flat 12 at Star Press. link Misc. Stuff Picture of The Beer with the Million Dollar Flavor from Michigan. budweiserGroups in CA, NJ, PA and more have class-actioned A-B for watering down their beer. "A-B (Anheuser-Busch) never intends for the malt beverage to possess the amount of alcohol that is stated on the label. As a result, AB’s customers are overcharged for watered-down beer and AB is unjustly enriched by the additional volume it can sell" A-B says they must be testing errant cans. linklink A long, dull, look at the alcohol industry in 1931 (that’s during Prohibition). link Beer Flavor Wheel link WSJ says beer is cheaper than water in the Czech Republic. They sell twice per capita than the U.S. link Mustache