Dribs and Drams

IndianaPaleAleRight now you can’t get Indiana Pale Ale. Truth. It’s made by Heartland Brewery in NYC but they are closed until the Sandy cleanup gets, er, cleaned up. And no, we don’t know why they think Hoosiers all drive tractors and look like Buddy Ebsen. Psychology Today answers “Why Intelligent People Drink More Alcohol” with charts and tables. PopSci has more than you want to know about barley’s genome. Headline: Dead Man Found in “Beer Cave”. By the 7am crew no less. The police do not suspect foul play – insert your own pun here (or in the comments). Meanwhile on Yahoo, Epicurious tests canned beer and found the winners to be (tada) Coors Light, Tecate and Amstel Light. Really. A-B is still looking to take over Grupo Modelo (Corona). It will help them compete in the craft beer market? The Huff Post doesn’t buy that either. article Bohemian Rhapsody explained. That’s to take your mind off the conundrum of the Budweiser Black Crown ad that admits, nay shouts that Bud has no taste. budweiser