Dribs and Drams – July 29

Nuvo’s article about Matt Colglazier’s sorgrhum rhum is very enlightening. It’s a collaboration between him and Stuart Hobson, the owner of Heartland Distilling. There’s also a video.

Rita told us about Ray Kamstar’s upcoming Indiana City Brewing in Nuvo’s Beer Buzz. They are giving pre-production tastings around town such as the one next Friday, Aug 3, at the Red Lion Grog House in Fountain Square, Indy. 7-10pm.

The “old pre-prohibition brewery building” Nuvo pictured will become a brewery again when Indiana City goes into full production. It was the old Home Brewery / American Home Brewery that was in business from 1891 to 1920. They made up to 60,000 bbls per year. You can still read “Bottling House” on the building’s north fascia.

Eight Home Brewery bottles courtesy the Derrick Morris Collection and Hoosier Beer.

Kudos to the Hoosier Beer Geeks for being Nuvo’s send place Local Blog/Web site in their annual poll.

Stuff that’s almost so common as to be ignored:

  • The “truck spills beer, blocking I-270” story is sponsored by the letters A, B, and Delaware. But there are good helicopter pictures.
  • “A trailer of imported beer was stolen from Lugoff (NC) on July 5 and the Kershaw County Sheriff’s Office is looking for the driver of the truck used to hijack it, and a man suspected of peddling the beer in the Columbia area.” a
  • Today’s story of a dispute over Steinlager features a chainsaw and a door.

Upside down beer bottle glass. $12. Does the cap double as a coaster?