Dribs and Drams

The latest (?) on the production caps article Cutters has closed. Avon evidently didn’t work out as well as Bloomington. Sounds like the sewage treatment plant is just too expensive. article New Albany’s Bank Street Brewhouse will be closed for a week or two for R&R (repair and refresh). article Headline: Indiana’s 18th Street Brewery to expand, release barrel-aged beers in 2015 article Headline: Hop Farms Brewing a New Variety of Crop in Indiana. article Dewshine Shine from Mountain Dew article Powdered alcohol article “Just add a mixer for an instant cocktail” Headline: Cops bust shot house while on a manhunt. Georgia. They didn’t shoot a bust house. The arrested folks who were selling booze from their garage.  article CAMRA’s Good Beer Guide has a requirement that a pub has to be in existence for one year to be listed. (I know this from first-hand experience – don’t ask how). The Hemelvaart Bier Café in Bedale, North Yorkshire started last year and has 180 taps – all of real ale. Not being listed has really started a storm. article 35DollarGuinness$35 Guinness. Yike. article Here’s what you’ve always wanted. The lyrics to 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall” Even with it’s own web site. 150304104548-largeHeadline: Scientists sip 170-year-old beer found in shipwreck. Now don’t you wish you were a scientist? article GuinnessRainbow