Dribs and Drams

Tom Brady Sux – Drink a Sun King before this expires. link link link link link link link link link link(Photo: WISH)

Rita’s Beer Buzz talks about the upcoming Deviate Brewery and the State Fair presence. Plus Salt Creek.

Coming to the back stage at the fair:
Sun, Aug 16 – Thr3e Wisemen, Upland, Bloomington, TwoDEEP
Mon, Aug 17 – Chilly Water, Upland, Triton, TwoDEEP
Tues, Aug 18 – Tow Yard, Rock Bottom, People’s, Chilly Water 
Wed, Aug 19 – Tow Yard, Rock Bottom, People’s, Chilly Water, Shoreline
Thurs, Aug 20 – Tow Yard, Broad Ripple Brewpub, 450 North, Sun King
Fri, Aug 21 – Tin Man, Brugge, Outliers, 450 North, Sun King
Sat, Aug 22 – Tin Man, Salt Creek, 18th Street, Sun King
Sun, Aug 23 – New Albanian, Salt Creek, 18th Street, Sun King

Considering a group pub crawl. Indy has two services now:

Indy Brew Bus – Indianapolis brewery tours

Indy JoyRides – Indianapolis brewery tours


Have you heard yet about the 

Indiana Hop Growers Association

For the September 20th CANvitational, Hoosier
Beer Geeks
are coordinating volunteers.

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Bud Light Truck Overturns, Spilling Cans Of Natural Light Beer Everywhere . https://consumermediallc.files.wordpress.com/2015/08/cmin8k7uyaart2q.jpg
No beer was injured in the making of this post.