Dribs and Drams

There’s plenty to do again this weekend:

Sept 17-18 Bloomington
beer dinner. 6-9pm. $65.
Friday is on Grant Street with beer, games, music. 3:30-10:30pm.
Sept 17, 18 Bloomington

Upland Sours tours. Free. No reservations needed. 3, 4, and 5pm.

Sept 19 Evansville Brewbeque.
Noon-8pm. $10 (cash bar)-35.
Sept 19
Beginning Brewing Class.

Great Fermentations
. 10am.
Sept 19 Indianapolis
Indy Eleven Oktoberfest
. 5:30-7:30pm. $20-30.
Sept 19 Hobart
Brews & Blues Festival
. 2-6pm. $40-65.
Sept 19-20 Nashville
Rally in the Alley
. Big Woods. 1pm-midnight. Sunday is the Kegs &
Eggs Brunch in Nashville and Bloomington.
Sept 19 Whitestown
Brew Fest
. 1-6pm. $35-55.
Sept 19 Racine, WI
Great Lakes Brewfest
. 3-7pm. $49.
Sept 19 St. Charles, IL
Brews on the Fox
. Plus BBQ contest. 4:30-9:30pm. $45-65.
Sept 19 – Oct 4 Munich, Germany
Sept 20 Hobart
Brews & Blues

Festival Park. 3-6pm. $35-65/
Sept 20 Indianapolis

Pan Am Plaza. (Hoosier
Beer Geeks
are coordinating volunteers)
Sept 24 Columbus, OH
Fat Tire Clips Beer & Film Tour
. 7-8:30pm.
Sept 24-26 Denver, CO
Great American Beer Festival

Rita tells us about the Brewpub’s first 25 years then she talks to David Sims of Heirloom Acres about  Taxman Brewing’s gastrofood.

18th Street Brewery looks at Hammond expansion

Brewery project makes history with city application (Wasser in Greencastle)

New Corner brews up homage to IPR

Review of the SWIRCA brewfest.


What’s The Right Way To Make A Tom Collins?

Why Is American Beer So Bland?


May 11. 1821.

I have no reciept for brewing, & I much doubt if the operations of malting & brewing
could be succesfull[y] performed from a reciept. if it could, Combrune’s book on the subject. would teach
the best processes: and perhaps might guide to ultimate success with the sacrifice
of 2. or 3. trials. a capt Miller now of Norfolk … was during the late war, confined by the Executive to our neighborhood, perhaps indeed by yourself. I took him to my house. he had been
a brewer in London, and undertook to teach both processes to a servt of mine, which during his stay here & on one or two visits afterwards in the brewing season,
he did with entire success. I happenes to have a servant of great intelligence and diligence both of which are necessary. we brew 100. galls of ale in the fall & 100. galls in the spring, taking 8. galls only from the bushel of wheat. the public brewereis take 15. which makes their liquor
meagre and often vapid
. we are now finishing our spring brewing. if you have a capable
servt and he were to attend our fall brewing, so as to get an idea of the manual operation,
Combrune’s book with a little of your own attention in the beginning might qualify

– Thomas Jefferson (transcribed from the Jefferson library at Monticello)

Blaming Overeating On Drinking

  – yes, it’s a CAMRA press release. but its good news 

CAMRA announces the Top 16 pubs in Britain. I can vouch for 3 and the blog will start covering British pubs next week.