Dribs and Drams

We’ll print the press release here: Bloomington Brewing Co., Function Brewing, Quaff On! Bloomington, Salt Creek Tap Room, Scotty’s Brewhouse, and Upland  Brewing Co, have partnered to create an enduring program that rewards beer drinkers who patronize all 6 breweries/taprooms.
“Bloomington is an incredible destination for craft beer,” said Function Brewing co-owner Arlyn Llewellyn. “The owners and employees of all of the local breweries are friendly and really respect each other as colleagues. We are all very excited to partner on this and help spread the word. Come to Bloomington and taste all of the amazing beer diversity.”
Starting April 4th and continuing indefinitely, customers can pick up a Bloomington Ale Trail pamphlet at any of the 7 locations and can receive pamphlet stamps upon purchase a pint of beer at each location.
The locations are:
East Side:

  • Bloomington Brewing Company


  • Function Brewing
  • Quaff On! Bloomington
  • Scotty’s Brewhouse
  • Upland Brewing – 11th Street Brewpub

West Side:

  • Salt Creek Brewery Taproom
  • Upland Brewing – Profile Parkway Production Brewery

One all 6 stamps are earned (participants can choose between the two Upland spots for their Upland stamp), the beer drinker receives a collectible prize on the spot (currently a signature glass) and is entered into a drawing for a Behind-the-Scenes VIP Tour at the brewery of his or her choice.
Over the course of time, the collectible prize will change.
Additional information at bloomingtonaletrail.com 16835417677_38ec1b9873_oFrom Labatt – patent applied for. Combined beer dispensing cooler and lawn chair. Just the latest in strangeties including Remote control cooler, Goalie mask beer dispenser, Bottle deaerating device, Bottle decapping machine, and Genetically stable allopolyploid somatic fusion product …, wait, stable? fusion? whoa. It’s starting to sound like a bad John Candy film. But then were there any good John Candy films? Five Essential Chicago Beers: 5 Lizard, Cane & Ebel, Daisy Cutter, Matilda, Zombie Dust. Wait, what? Business Insider lists The 40 best college bars in America. Including Kilroy’s and Harry’s Chocolate Shop. Seattle’s Peddler Breweing Co.’s Tangerine Wheat was renamed to Tangerine Hefeweizen at Lost Coast’s instance.

"The name tangerine wheat to us describes exactly what the beer is. It’s a wheat, brewed with tangerine," countered Dave Keller, co-owner of Peddler Brewing. "We never even thought that could possibly be trademarked."

24-SalvatorKellerBeerBelgian Blondes for Spring. They missed some other spring beers: Weisse beers and Radlers (beer and lemonade – sort of a German Arnold Palmer – OK, that’s more a summer after-hike beer). Paulander Nockherberger – Unfiltered keller beer served only at this pub. Very fresh, almost green. Springtime light unfiltered helles. Just a touch of cloudy. Has a nice alcoholic kick. Stonehenge Sign of Spring – Drinkable but greenish. 4.6%. Real ale available in London.