Eleventh Upland UpCup Winner

Taylor Brummet, winner; Patrick Lynch, Lead Brewer at Upland

The 11th annual Upland UpCup homebrew competition crowned Taylor Brummett of Newburgh, IN, winner for his Scottish 80 Ale  entry, chosen as best of show . This Scottish 80 Export style has a solid malt character with that hint of kettle caramalization.  Luckily everyone was able to try this winning beer as Taylor’s homebrew club, the Ohio Valley Homebrew Association of Evansville, offered several beers on tap including his Scottish Ale as well as a delicious New England IPA also  brewed by Brummett.

Taylor now has the chance to go from his  twenty gallon kettles brewing ten gallons at a time on his propane system, to assisting the Upland Brewers as they ramp up and brew his recipe commercially which will be on  tap in all Upland locations likely starting some time in July this year.

Five won honors out of fifty-two entries total.  Second place for a Kölsch went to Nathan Pollard from Pittsboro, IN,  Rob Myers of Bloomington and a Bloomington Hop Jockeys Club member took third for his English style porter,   Jocelyn Pollard, Nathan’s wife, grabbed fourth place for a New England “milk shake” IPA using nearly a full pound of hops,  Tom Edwards took his California Common to fifth place as a new brewer and first beer ever entered into competition.   Tom is from Solsbury, IN, and is also a member of the Bloomington Hop Jockeys.

The competition is judged by Beer Judge Certification Program judges under the direction of Master Level judge and trainer of judges Ron Smith of Indianapolis. One of the judges this year was Tom Wallbank, who has twice won the UpCup with a Rauchbier in 2009 and a Berliner Weisse in 2013.    Both Smith and Wallbank have each won multiple homebrew competitions and are always happy to give homebrewers advice!

Judge Tom Wallbank

Interestingly, in the ten years of the competition, no style of beer has ever placed first more than one year, although this year is close with a Scottish 70 winning for Andrew Korty  of Indianapolis in 2012.  The Scottish 70 (a throwback name to how much the beer cost) is a mid-range beer in alcohol but called a “heavy” although usually just under 4% alcohol while the 80 is called export and is between 4 to 5% alcohol.  Thus, if we had those two UpCup winners side-by-side many people would not tell the difference.

While Upland Brewing Company hosts the event and is the drop off point for beers entered, no personnel from Upland have any involvement in the selection of the winner.  Any style can win based on the trained judges and that beer is always brewed using the recipe as close as is possible of the winning homebrewer.  Below is a list of winners and winning styles over the ten years.


Winner Style
2008 Kenneth Smith Imperial IPA
2009 Tom Wallbank Rauchbeir
2010 Brian Steurwald Northern German Alt
2011 Randy Jones Sweet Milk Stout
2012 Andrew Korty Scottish 70
2013 Tom Wallbank Berliner Weisse
2014 Michael Calvin American Wheat
2015 Chris Hoover Blonde
2016 Brandon Schaefer Saison
2017 Dan Voors, Sam Snyder Krystal Wiezzen