Fest of Ale, has MANY beers, June 1, New Albany, & helps kids!

Beer from Indiana, Kentucky, the South, the West, and all around the U.S., an automatic donation to the WHAS Crusade for Children which totaled over $18,000 in 2018! This is the 14th year and this year the Fest of Ale is back in the New Albany, IN, amphitheater at 201 E. Water Street, New Albany.

WHY WOULD YOU GO? This is one of the few fests with over 100+ breweries, 8 fine wine distributors, over 250 brews and even more! I love this event because as much as I love local, craft beer, this is truly a chance to try some beer I do not see often and over a dozen Belgian beers being poured. I am of those who first learned beer flavor from German and Belgian imports so this is like greeting old friends, a few distant cousins, and my neighbors and family. We’ll find over TWENTY Indiana Breweries, SEVEN Kentucky Breweries, over 10 West Coast breweries, and more.

I’ve loved the fact that this includes the HUGE donation to the Crusade for Children! I love the fact that found Tod Antz’s father was a fireman serving the community and as a liquor store owner (Keg Liquors, New Albany) believes strongly in community involvement.

Those in Central, IN have easy driving just 1 1/2 hours south of Greenwood! Go spend the day along the river. Eat at one of the many New Albany or Southern Indiana brew pubs (or cross the river to a Louisville Brew Pub) and then get to the fest at 3 PM.

TIME: 3-7 pm on June 1

Tickets ONLINE

June 1, 201 E. Water Street, New Albany, IN