Finale – Great Pumpkin Ales

To those who started reading my Great Search for Pumpkin Beer, I have continued on my search, but frankly.. right now I’m a little pumpkin’d out.  My first two Schlafly Pumpkin Ale and Shipyard Pumpkinhead met face to face and since they I’ve had plenty others step up to the plate. 

Below is a list of the yummy pumpkin ales I’ve had the pleasure of tasting:

New Holland Brewing – Ichabod
Samuel Adams – Harvest Pumpkin Ale
Samuel Adams – Double Pumpkin Ale
Tyranena – Painted Ladies Pumpkin Spice Ale
Buffalo Bills –  American’s Original Pumpkin Ale
Woodchuck Cider – Pumpkin

              Local Brewed:
Flat 12 – Flat Jack
Bier Brewery – Pumpkin Ale
I still have to try: 
 The Ram  – Pie’d Piper Ale
 Blue Moon – Harvest Moon Pumpkin Ale
Brooklyn Brewery – Post Road Pumpkin Ale
Hoppin’ Frog – Double Pumpkin Ale
Southern Tier – PumKing
My research and quest for pumpkin has had me looking for it everywhere. Any thing pumpkin was up for grabs. Unfortunately I missed out so many, but what I did learn is this: 
Pumpkin Ales — didn’t seem to go well with regular meals, it was too much to drink dessert and eat spaghetti or a steak at the same time
Pumpkin Ales — are not all created equally, some are more spicy, some are lighter.. Generally the coloring is the same – a light copper color with except of the Double Pumpkin which was a dark brown
Pumpkin Ales — way better in draft form than bottles. 
Pumpkin Ales — the best to me is still Schlafly – until I get my hands on a Dogfish Head Punkin Ale (which I have heard is hands down the best) 

Now, even though the liquors stores are filling up with stouts and Christmas ales there are still some pumpkin ales out there. 
I suggest you buy it up and save it for Thanksgiving. 🙂 
Cheers and Happy Fall. 

7 thoughts on “Finale – Great Pumpkin Ales”

  1. I've heard of the Pumpkwan — it sounds interesting

    As for a pumpkin porter or stout — I think I want to make one of those. I do some small brewing with Mr. Beer. they have a kit.

    Everyone seems to make ales instead of porters or stouts.

    Thank you all for the comments! 🙂

  2. I had a small sample of Bier's offering… if Schlafly's is better, I really need to grab some! Not previously a fan of the style, but I really enjoyed the taste of Bier's ale.

  3. You won't be missing much if you miss Blue Moon's. The pumpkin flavor was distinctly missing in action. Southern Tier's Pumking was my favorite but I have yet to try Hoppin' Frog's, even though it's next on my list.

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