Fort Wayne News

J.K. O’Donnell’s currently has Clipper City Holy Sheet on tap and served in 1/2 pts. due to the ABV (9%).

800 Degrees currently has Rogue John John Ale on tap.

Cap n’ Cork (Covington Plaza)(see calendar) is having a beer tasting tomorrow evening. There will be beers from Dogfish Head, Bluegrass Brewing Co., Rogue, Unibroue to name a few. Bring a friend (21 yrs. old or over) and sample some beers and perhaps find a new favorite beer!

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  1. I think it's blatantly obvious…the fact that you can't think of it is somewhat disappointing. Think every place that you mention on a regular basis except one.

  2. I very rarely go to the Trion Tavern in New Haven due to a (not so uncommon) smoke allergy. Since the owner specifically told me he doesn't utilize a computer and Trion doesn't have its own website, I asked him to kindly keep me updated via the phone regarding the tap list and any events he may host. He said he would do that. That was months ago, and I've not had one call from him. Consequently, Trion does not get mentioned. However, they have been mentioned on this website 4 times if you look to the left sidebar under News Topics. The latest being this past December 2009. If you would keep me apprised at, I'll get that news posted. Lastly, the owner of Trion does have my business card that I personally gave to him a while back. Thanks, Cindy

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