GABF winners available in Indiana

80 categories times 3 medals each (full list). That’s a bunch ‘o beer. But which ones can you actually try here? Most aren’t distributed in Indiana. Many, like Founders Endurance IPA were seasonals or specials that were never sent past the brewery’s home town. Some have come and gone like New Belgium’s Eric’s Ale. Sigh. But store shelves do have these: Indiana:

  • Three Floyd’s Munsterfest is available in 22oz bottles at many stores.
  • Sun King’s Dominator Dopplebock was a seasonal last February. It’ll no doubt be back before the snow disappears (do you remember snow?).
  • Sun King’s Golden Slumber is listed as "retired" but may just show up again in a Silver edition.
  • Rock Bottom 86th St.’s Naked Oatmeal Stout was a seasonal last July. We’ll bet Liz will brew it again as it got raves at the bar and the Denver bravos were right on.

Small Brewer of the Year: Mad River – They are handled in Indiana by Cavalier and the Steelhead series, Double Dread Imperial Red, and Mad Belgian Golden Strong are on shelves. Last year’s GABF Gold John Barleycorn Barley Wine will be back this fall (ahhh, autumn) but the medal went to the ’06 version. Similarly, Bell’s Expedition Stout took Bronze in Aged Beer with the 1995 version. Now available (links are to World Class Beverages’ Beer Finder):

Great Divide’s Colette Saison will be back in March, 2011. Left Hand Fade to Black will be back in November. Oh, and there’s Miller Lite, Old Milwaukee, and Miller Genuine Draft that took the medals in American Lager/Light Lager. Plus Michelob Amberbock. You might also find Hamm’s and Old Style in places, they won medals. Happy hunting.