Greater Lafayette Craft Beer Week

  Greetings all from the banks of the Wabash here in Lafayette.  Late summer is upon us and, if your beer interests are similar to mine (and since you’re reading this I’d hazard to guess that they are), I’m sure we’ve all been to a beer festival or two throughout our fine state.  Maybe your craft beer interests have led you to festivals in other states as well.  Had enough yet?  If your answer is yes then prepare to have your craft beer-hood questioned.

  As I stated before, the summer craft beer festival season is winding down.  Whether you’d like to enjoy one last chance to sample the finest craft beers our great state has to offer or perhaps you just haven’t had an opportunity to make it to an event yet this year, both are perfectly justifiable reasons for heading to the John T. Myers Pedestrian Bridge on Saturday, August 24th in downtown Lafayette for the 2nd Annual Beers Across the Wabash.

  Want a glimpse of what is in store for you at this event?  Click here to see my review of last year’s event. So here’s the deal, pick up a ticket for $35, get yourself to downtown Lafayette by 1pm, and sample a bevy of beers from across the state!  Four hours not enough?  Grab the VIP ticket for an extra hour plus local food and beer pairings.  I have to admit, I’m somewhat embarrassed that I do not have any more recent information than what is offered on the Beers Across the Wabash (BAW) site but, clicking this link will get you to the list of breweries and ticket page for the event.

  Hours of craft beer sampling not enough incentive to get you downtown on the 24th?  Would seven hours of Jazz & Blues provide any more motivation for you?  Then check out the Uptown Jazz & Blues Festival taking place immediately following the conclusion of BAW.

  Finally, please take the opportunity to check out all of the local events taking place in the greater Lafayette area leading up to Saturday’s Beers Across the Wabash.  Sunday the 18th marks the beginning of daily events scheduled throughout the week leading up to the event.  Beer and food pairing events at McGraw’s Steak Chop & Fish House and Main Street Wine & Cheese, growler deals and special events taking place at People’s and Lafayette Brewing, Thr3e Wisemen specials @ Scotty’s, tap takeover’s @ Lenehan’s Pub, and an Indiana Craft Beer Brunch @ the Black Sparrow (Sunday post-BAW) will be taking place to promote the Lafayette community’s celebration of craft beer in Indiana.

  Obviously making it to all of the events may be difficult so, pick out one or two that interest you the most and get out this week in support of greater Lafayette’s Craft Beer Week.

-Jason C.