Happy New Year and Brew News

Remember NYE is a Sunday so growler fills are available at those Local Breweries who are open!    Check with your closest or favorite local.  Many open at least in the afternoon to take care of your beer needs.

Major news shows craft beer still growing although not as wildly fast as before in the face of slight declines for total US beer volume in 2017.   ABInbev’s Bud slipped to fourth place behind Miller Lite mostly by falling more rapidly than Miller Lite!   This is only in the U.S. as ABI is doing well globally.

Newsweek magazine claims more money may be made on marijuana in California in just 1 to 2 years than on beer profits.   Cheech and Chong would be pleased!

Yahoo News claims MillerCoors and its parent Molson Coors Brewing did not reach a deal with NASCAR to keep  Coors Light the official beer of NASCAR.  Sorry, but “yawn.”

In Great Britain beers with sexist names (particularly sexual references, there is a Deep Throat beer) are being banned at beer festivals.  We know of some objections to sexual connotations from our women beer fans in Indiana and brewers should realize that is a strong percent of volume to p1ss off.

Other major national news shows ABInbev cutting back on 3.2 beer (3.2% Alcohol) to Utah where that is sold in food stores.  The claim is that more 3.2 beer is sold in other states so people in Utah will have to search harder or drink harder, as in higher alcohol like the rest of us!

Expect a few more brewery openings in 2018!   We are watching Happy Brewing near 38th and Illinois in Indianapolis and see slow progress while the building is taking shape.  We are alert to a few other possibilities.  That in the wake of Bent Rail, which had just started actually brewing, closing in SoBro.

And remember, get your Winterfest Tickets while you can!   See our other post on that one!