Iechyd Da Brewing Company Update – February 2

I received the following email with updated information for Iechyd Da Brewing Company in Elkhart, IN  The email reads as follows and I quote:

“A little about the brewery & progress:
We’re in the construction and permitting phase currently. Walls are almost in and so far we’ve been approved on the local level and we’re working with the TTB on the fine details of our federal permit. Once complete, we’ll have a 7bbl brewhouse in our building along with a 50 seat pub located at 317 N. Main St in Elkhart. We plan to have 7-10 beers rotating on tap, plus two handpulls. We’ll also serve house made soda–we haven’t decided on a flavor, so we may rotate those as well. There will be a simple food menu consisting of pizzas, hot sandwiches and snacks like soft pretzels, made fresh in house.
Iechyd Da (Yacky Dah)  is a Welsh toast equivalent to saying Cheers. And, while we’ll pay tribute to some of head brewer/owner Chip’s Welsh roots, our menu choices and beer styles and names come from our personal history and experiences…from Chip’s Welsh heritage, to the town we grew up in, to our family and friends.
For instance we have a pizza that was inspired by a wonderful meal we had in Wales. We have an American Black Ale named Thirteen for the 13 graves in the Warner-Lewis cemetary in VA where Chip’s great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandparents are buried. Then we have a beer we call Breakfast Cookies that came from a story my mother-in-law told us. We laughed so hard, we cried…a fun moment that deserved to live on!
The vibe of the place will be downtown comfortable–a place to have a casual Friday business lunch, bring your laptop and work over a pint or gather friends to play Scrabble or chess on a rainy Sunday afternoon.
Our goal is to be open by the end of April–it may be the very last day, but if that’s the way it happens, we’ll take it! Right now we seem to be on track and things are really starting to come together!  Our English pint glasses are waiting in storage and growlers go on order next week. We’re gearing up! It’s such an exciting time!”
This information was provided by Summer Lewis/Head Cheerleader/Owner of the brewery.
Keep checking back for additional updates as they get closer to opening for business.