Indiana Beer News – April 12

This weekend brings some great events around the state with BrewBracket III in Indianapolis, the Blue Chip Brewfest in Michigan City, and Art on Tap in Bloomington. Homebrewers – if you aren’t involved with NHC judging Friday night (slackers), keep in mind that the Friday Night Club at Great Fermentations will feature the brewers from Flat 12 and a Flat12/Great Fermentations collaborative brew. The Fountain Square Brewery will host Fountain Square Pinball Society’s spring tournament on April 28th where players will battle for supremacy in the world of Dr. Dude, Fun House, Iron Man, and Star Trek: The Next Generation. Entry is $33 and includes a pint, ice cream, and appetizers from La Margarita.

Following on the recent announcements that Sierra Nevada and New Belgium will build new brewing facilities in North Carolina, comes word that Lagunitas will be opening the largest brewery in Chicago. What does that mean for us? First, a road trip may be in order. Second, here’s hoping the new proximity will help Lagunitas see the value in expanding distribution to Indiana. For those who aren’t familiar with the brewery, Lagunitas has been very successful in pumping out big, West-coast style beers that are priced affordably by craft beer standards (like a bomber of Hop Stoopid for….gasp….$5). Count me as a fan. Ever wonder what $45 million will buy these days? Apparently it’s the going rate to convince James Bond to forsake his trademark martini for a skunky lager for a Heineken. That’s what I get for trying to be nice to Heineken in last week’s post. Many of us dream of opening a brewery, but are faced with the daunting prospect of needing some creative financing. Well, you can take a cue from Arizona Wilderness Brewing who have raised $43,000 through a clever Kickstarter campaign. Five backers put up $2500 for a private beer lesson and other perks, while one backer ponied up the $5000 to claim the title of AZ Beer Week 2013 King/Queen. Psychologists at the University of Illinois believe that drinking two pints of beer will sharpen your mind. Not sure about that, but there is substantial evidence it does aid your performance in pool, darts, and soccer field karaoke. hop ecstacy If nobody is looking over your shoulder right now, you might want to spend a couple quality minutes in the world of Beer Porn complete with a proper 70’s soundtrack. Actually, it’s pretty safe to view in mixed company, but the money shot might make you blush a little. Cheers, Nathan  

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