Indiana Beer News – Aug 10

This week in beer:

  • Today, Aug 10 – Tapping of Happy Pils. Rock Bottom, 86th St. Indy. 6-6:30pm
  • Tomorrow, Aug 11 – Tapping of El Jefe Hefeweizen. Rock Bottom, Downtown Indy. 6-6:30pm
  • Tomorrow, Aug 11 – Tapping of Apricot Wheat. Flat 12 Bierwerks
  • Cover-HoosierBeer-150Tomorrow, Aug 11 – Inaugural Book Signing for Hoosier Beer. 6:30 boring speech. 7:30 Pub Quiz. Black Swan Brewpub, Plainfield. No charge.
  • Fri, Aug 12 – Monthly Friday Night Club meeting. Great Fermentations, Indy. 5:30pm. Owen Lingley from Wyeast Labs will be there and will answer questions.
  • Fri, Aug 12 – Sun King tasting. Kahn’s, downntown Indy. 5-7pm
  • Fri, Aug 12 – Liquor store tastings including:
  • Sat, Aug 13 – Beginning brewing class. Great Fermentations, Indy. 9am
  • Sat, Aug 13 – Book Signing for Hoosier Beer. 1:30pm. Bookmamas, Irvington, Indy
  • Sat, Aug 13 – Art of Beer Festival, Benton Harbor, MI. $25/$30

FFF_12ozZombieDustFINAL1Three Floyds Zombie Dust: The long-rumored 6-packs are one step closer to fruition. The beer, a single-hop pale ale made with Citra hops from Yakima Valley, Washington, has been on draft for a while now.” Beer Geeks in Highland seems to have all of Indiana’s Hair of the Dog/Deschutes collaboration #2. They also have Adam and Blue Dot IPA on tap next week. GTMW2011%282%29<<== NABC’s ad in the Great Taste of the Midwest program. Hoperatives have a pleasant review of Great Crescent’s Dark lager. Four Horsemen will soft-open in South Bend on August 18th, 3pm. Grand opening party sometime in October. tigerwouldPump Clip Parade collects the most terrible, punny, sexist, buttmost, and just plain worst. Reallly now, Caskablanca? Ffiagra though; that’s cute in a Welsh sort of way. ==>> The Brewers Association says there are 725 breweries in the planning stages. Up from 389 last year at this time. Dollar growth is up 15%. Oktoberfest starts Sept 17th. MGD 64 Lemonade has been axed. MillerCoors will even buy back any in warehouses or give distributors $2.50 per case to destroy it. They must really hate it. Now they are test marketing (not in Indiana) Blue Moon Blonde made with Chardonnay juice. mmbottle-fruitJunior Johnson is selling “moonshine” in the new NASCAR tradition of getting a license and using distributors. Midnight Moon is triple-distilled corn squeezins. Or have some with fruit infused – Apple, Cherry, or Strawberry. Is that NASCAR or what? Wells and Young’s formed in 2006 as a merger of two respectable London-area breweries. Wells Bombardier and Young’s Bitter are the flagships. Now Young’s has sold its 40% share to Wells for £15m and is moving entirely into the pub-owning business. No doubt, though, Young’s beers will continue to be brewed. article