Indiana Beer News – collaborations, new beers, and more….

SunKing has released a seasonal beer IPA: Fistful of Hops. At 73 ibu and 6.4% it delivers great hop notes featuring Pacifica and Zythos providing orange, tangerine, a little grapefruit but still a nice balance with a big beer. WeeMuckle is also available and tasted mighty good last night with higher alcohol and nice caramel and toffee!

RAM releases the much awaited (at least in my house) S’No Angel tonight, Nov. 20, but also features a Barrel Aged Bock starting at 6:30 PM downtown. Of course the seasonals will end up at both DT and Fishers, but do not expect the BBL Bock to last long.

Flat12 has a Girl’s Pint Out event with racer Sarah Fisher tonight at Lino’s 5-7 PM. Flat12 starts their always anticipated Twelve Beers of Christmas 12/5 and runs through 12/22.

Upland has TWO collaborations with New Belgium Brewing: Light Synth is 50% NB Felix, 40% Upland Sour Reserve, and 10% Upland Cherry Lambix. Dark Synth is 50% NB Oscar, 40% Upland Dantillon, and 10% Upland Raspberry Lambic. Both will be released in 750 bottles in 2014.

Bloomington Brewing released their Persimmon Ale on Nov. 6, and last we checked it was still on tap at Lennie’s Bloomington. This has a reasonable spice that almost reminds of pumpkin beer. BBC also released their Homegrown Ale featuring organic Cascade Hops grown on their own farm providing a light bodied ale with a bit of pine bit and some grassy flavor.

Daredevil cans of LiftOff IPA have hit shelves with distinctive graphics.

Bell’s (Okay, a bit further afield) ships CANS of Two Hearted and Oberon in late April 2014. These will eventually be followed by cans of Bell’s Best Brown, Winter White, and Smitten Golden Rye.

So many breweries…. SO much good beer!!

Cheers, GregKitz