Indiana Beer News: Daredevil Lagerfest, AHA Rally & UpCup, DLD, Rock the Junction, Sudzfest

Daredevil Brewing has served up award winning lagers since 2013 and is joined by 20 breweries from the U.S. and Germany at the first ever Lagerfest!  Lagerfest 2018 is Saturday, May 19, 6-11 pm, at Daredevil Brewery, 1151 N. Main., Speedway.  Breweries include:  Andechs , Ayinger, Augustiner, Jever, Shlenkerla (think smoke), Warsteiner, & Weihenstephaner from Germany;  less known Bierstadt Lagerhaus (Denver), Dovetail (Chicago), Prost (Denver), Heater Allen (McMinnville, OR); Indiana Breweries Mad Anthony (Ft. Wayne),  Round Town (Indy), & Upland (Bloomington),  plus Abita, Brooklyn, Firestone Walker,  Sierra Nevada, Urban Chestnut (St. Louis), and Victory (PA).  Daredevil introduced Indy Lager in 2018 as well as  Negra Mexi-dunkel, Dortmunder Export, and Oak Smoked Bock lagers. While the mega beer brands often claim the lager category most early craft beers were ales.   There has been a proliferation of craft lagers in recent years and this new festival held within walking distance of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on the first day of Qualifications for the Indy 500. Info:  CLICK here  Fest includes music, 12 samples, glassware, and food trucks

Upland Brewing, Bloomington,  and the American Homebrewers Association feature an AHA Rally, Saturday, May 19, 4-7 pm, at the Upland Westside Beer Bar at the production facility, 4060 Profile Parkway, Bloomington. Rallys feature a gift, brewery tour, prizes and the announcement of the 2018 UpCup Homebrew Competition to be judged the same day at the brewery!  AHA Rallies are free to current AHA members and non-members can join at the event.  The UpCup competition was open to homebrewers and the winning beer will be featured as a seasonal beer in the Upland lineup later this year. The 2017 winner was a krystal weizzen from Dan Voors and Sam Snyder of Fort Wayne.  Upland lead brewer, Patrick Lynch shared, “UpCup is unique in that competitors are limited to only one entry per person so they must individually determine their best candidate before submitting their entry. All judging is performed by BJCP certified judges, without input from Upland staff, so the winning entry is truly the Best In Show, selected solely on the merits of the beer.”  Upland Brewing is celebrating 20 years in 2018!

Dark Lord Day at Three Floyds Brewery is also happening this Saturday, May 19, 9am-9pm.  Of course DLD has been sold out for months (try next year about mid-October for 2019 tix) but importantly when your friends share what they bring back here are some of the variants for 2019: Marshmalle Handjee a Bourbon barrel-aged Dark Lord with vanilla beans, Chemtrailmix aged in rye barrels with cinnamon + pink peppercorns. French Vanilla Militia aged in Sauternes barrels with vanilla, cocoa nibs + coffee, Spaceforce!   aged in Pineau Des Charentes barrels with vanilla, cocoa nibs + coffee, Lounge against the Macromachine from tequila barrel with Mekong cinnamon, cocoa nibs, guajillo peppers + tangerine peel, Greatest Teachable Moments from American brandy barrel with verbena, ginger + orange peel, Hung Drawn n Quartered Rye barrel-aged Dark Lord, Cavaleiro of Varnov, Oloroso sherry aged Dark Lord, Brozerker, Ruby port aged Dark Lord, Brotilla Carcavelos aged Dark Lord, and then there is Turtledogg Scotch barrel-aged Dark Lord.  Should you happen upon any of these enjoy the share!   Attendees paid $180 per ticket for 4 bottles of the regular DL + 1 variant.  This truly is a bottle share fest with 53 other breweries serving (for $, no cash allowed).  Perhaps one of the most unusual breweries participating is The Answer Brewpub from Richmond, VA with some of the most unusual beers around.  The Three Floyds Brewery plans a huge expansion to start sometime soon.

Rock The Junction at Grand Junction Brewing 110 S. Union St. Westfield is a community festival including 20 or more Indiana breweries and wineries, food trucks, and music. The event also Saturday, May 19, is 1-5pm.  Breweries include Redemptoin Aleworks, Metazoa, Four Day Ray, Brew Link, Tin Man Kokomo, Centerpoint, Wooden Bear, Moontown, Mad Anthony, Bier, The Broad Ripple Brew Pub, and, of course, Grand Junction. For TIX Click Here

On the Southside of Indianapolis at German Park is the 4th annual Sudzfest on Saturday, May 19, 4-9pm, at German Park 8600 S. Meridian Street, Indianapolis. Four local  breweries will be featured and tix are only $8 at the park entrance ($5 on eventbrite) Taxman, Planetary, Oaken Barrel, and Mashcraft will serve beer. Music, stuff for kids, German style foods!