Indiana Beer News – Feb 11

New Albanian’s all-U.S. Gravity Head menu gets unveiled. Starts Feb 25. Low of 8%, high of 18%, averages near 10% but I’m too lazy to add up all the numbers and divide by 55. Per Anita Johnson, who knows all and sees all: 683 Beers… 1 Best of Show!

Last Summer a very competitive Indiana State Fair Brewers Cup took place at the Fairgrounds. After three judging sessions of swirling, sniffing and sipping one beer rose to the top. That beer was How Now Brown Cow, a Northern English Brown brewed by John Mills of Evansville. This was the very first competition that John had entered! One of the great rewards for the Best of Show winner is being able to brew it professionally. Each year the Best Of Show beer is brewed at Indiana’s very English Broad Ripple Brewpub and it just seems right that this years winner is such a classic English beer. This past Saturday John had the honor of brewing his beer at The Broad Ripple Brewpub with Head Brewer Kevin Matalucci. We are told that the brew day went perfectly and John was all smiles even when doing the grunt work! John and Kevin would like to invite you to join them for the tapping of How Now Brown Cow on Saturday, March 12th @ Noon. They will both be available to answer any questions the you may have about this special beer. Congrats again John!

Mad Anthony’s Fort Wayne is celebrating Valentines day on the 12th. Half price pints. Cask Conditioned Imperial Stout tapping at 5pm. The Java Stout is running out at Oaken Barrel. A nitro stout is already on tap. Flat 12 Bierwerks brought a 40-bbl fermenter inside yesterday and will be setting it up in the next couple of weeks to increase capacity. Next weekend: Milk Stout. Later Puppet Show Pale APA with Centennial and Simcoe and a Brown ale with coffee. Sun King will be almost completely replacing their brewing system in the next few weeks. The 15-bbl system is headed to Old Forge Brewing in PA and a new 30-bbl system will go into place, hopefully with only a day or two downtime. Remove five 15 and one 30-bbl vessel. Move in five 30 and one 60-bbl vessels specially built by Poynter in Bloomington. Theoretically they could top 20,000 bbls with this equipment and add to their 250+ self-distributed accounts. Tastings:

  • Flat 12 Bierwerks Porter. Still the flagship. Missed the Bleeding Heart IPA – Half Cycle with an addition of blood orange zest for Vday.
  • Sun King Dominator doppelbock. Sweet and thick. Top end of style.
  • SunKingTimmie Sun King Timmie Imperial Stout. Small beery nose, bigger beery and alcohol in the mouth. Plenty of black malt throughout as a steady base. Spreads it’s tasty goodness through the entire spectrum and will be enjoyed by everyone. 10%. (Name comes from Life of Brian, not South Park).
  • Rock Bottom, Downtown Indy Sub Zero. Jerry’s World Beer Cup medalist has returned with 9.5% ABV instead of 10 (due to higher mash temperature). Deepish brown. Bold and malty with good balance. Alcohol lets you know it’s there right away.
  • Ram In Hops we Trust is their batch 999. Bright yellow served in 17oz pils glass. Big lemon hops aroma but the late addition hops go into hiding at the first taste. Becomes hop juicy with the strength of Juicy Fruit that stays and stays, unyielding, unchanging, until a big bitter comes in at the finish.

STL Hops reports Schlafly might be sold this year. articleSt Louis Post Dispatch article

“The main reason for the sale is succession planning. Tom Schlafly, 62, an attorney who owns about 75 percent of the company, has no family interested in running the business. He said he doesn’t "really want to sell" but is doing so to ensure an orderly transition. He said he hopes to retain a 10 percent to 15 percent share of the company.”

Early 1800s beer found in shipwreck. Tastes “acidic” with burnt notes. article Lithuanian monks object to being used in Adler Bock advertising. article Here’s a 10minute video from the U.S. Brewers Foundation – 1952 Firemen called to rescue beer – tale of a dumb drunk.