Indiana Beer News – Feb 15 – Featuring Tavern on South

Pints at the People’s Brewing taproom: $3.50 ($2.50 on Thursdays). Growlers are $8 (+ $4 for the glass) and $11 for seasonals. ($6/$9 on Wednesdays). Tavern on South. 423 W. South St. This new near-the-stadium bar in Indy has 12 taps and features Indiana beers, uprated mixed drinks mixers, and small batch bourbons. Pints: $5, Indiana Pints on Tuesdays, $4.

An impressive lunch and dinner menu runs $10 through $24. Next to a business-oriented Holiday Inn Express and walking distance to the newdome and sorta walking distance to the Convention Center. Once the weather allows some leaves on the trees, Tavern on South will become a good intro to Indiana beer pub for visitors, businessfolk, and locals alike. Winter opening hours are 11am Mon-Fri, 4pm Sat, closed Sun.

TOS-Building TOS-Taps Hopefully Tavern on South won’t be hassled for TM problems by Tavern on the Green like Tavern on the Plaza was. article newcastle-werewolf.jpgBritain has added a 2/3 pint size to the allowable sales volumes (1/4 pint, 1/3 pint, 1/2 pint, and pint – all based on 20oz pints of course). Newcastle Werewolf. You heard it here first (and maybe last). e45yew5yet4et4