Indiana Beer News – Feb 19

Roger Baylor, owner of the New Albanian Brewing Company, is running for a seat on the New Albany city council. If you know Roger, you aren’t surprised. If not, read about why he’s running. Mark your calendars. Dark Lord Day is April 30th. Golden tickets go on sale March 17th.

The biggest change for this year is that a ticket will be required to attend the event. This ticket will also guarantee bottle allocation. Regrettably, changes have to be made to ensure the longevity of the event, safety and shorter lines. Without the ticket, there will be no admission to the premises. More information on ticket sales will be made available in the coming weeks.

Eric Strader interviews Josh Hall of Belmont Beverages, South Bend. article Frank Petrarca writes:

“Just an FYI- Upland Brewery has hired a new executive chef named Seth Elgar. He has worked at Conner Prairie with Theresa as their executive chef for a few years. Seth is a really nice guy, great chef and craft beer enthusiast/nut.  And he made the best curried beef stew I’ve ever had! We met last night for a beer and talked a bit about his plans for Upland. He would really like to include more local meat and produce in his dishes. He’s a really huge proponent of all things locally grown & brewed.  All of his family is in Bloomington so this is a homecoming of sorts for him. So after the first of March be sure to say hi to Chef Seth Elgar. He has a true passion for good food & beer and I know his skills will be an excellent fit at Upland but we’ll miss him here in Indy!”

Dark Horse is making a beer using baby formula instead of lactose. Because doughnut beer is so passé. article Colorado is trying to change their laws so beer under 4% ABV can be served in bars and restaurants. article