Indiana Beer News – February 9

From Lafayette Brewing Company on Saturday’s Winter Warmer: BIG beers from 17 breweries, including: Back Road, Barley Island, Black Swan, Bloomington, Broad Ripple, Brugge, Crown, Figure Eight, Half Moon, Mad Anthony, People’s, Sun King, Triton, Upland and of course, LBC. We’ve also got a 1/6 barrel of a very special ??mystery?? beer courtesy of our good friend Terry Schmitt! And while spending a lovely weekend in the greater Lafayette area, look for the recently released People’s Hop Killa IIPA at People’s taproom, Boiler Market, and Black Sparrow Pub. If you’re heading over to the Cincy Winter Beerfest you can prepare by checking out the beer list here. Anyone with a spare bottle of Bell’s Black Note Stout might want to know that they’re selling for an average price of $139 on eBay. Or you could donate it to the cool people at We might rename the blog in your honor (just kidding Bob). Great Fermentations had added a couple additional Beginning Brewing classes: March 6th at 6pm and March 10th at 9am. Here is a list of 10 chocolate beers to share with your lover on Valentines Day. You may have some luck finding Brewery Ommegang, Boulevard, Southern Tier, and Tyranena in Indiana stores. Dogfish Head……not so much. Girls Pint Out shares a video that ponders what would happen if girls acted like guys in a bar. Kind of mixed results after the first 30 seconds, but the “taco fest” line is my new favorite of the year. And for your Moment of Zen, here’s a clip of Jimmy Fallon in Indy doing a keg stand with Sun King Sunlight Cream Ale. Cheers, Nathan

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  1. Skylar – thanks for the tip on the Black Sparrow. I think we might just stumble over there after the Warmer. A double IPA flight should make the 20 degree walk back to my friend's place infinitely more tolerable.

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