Indiana Beer News – Jan 14

Flat 12 Biers can be found at Binkley’s Kitchen in Indy starting this weekend. Thr3e Wise Men gets ink in Metromix, courtesy Mike. Ram Small Ale Homebrew Competition.

The RAM Restaurant and Brewery is happy to announce the creation of the RAM Small Ale Competition. We would like to challenge you, the Homebrewer, to brew the best Small Ale that you can create! While some well-made beers on the smaller side can be shunned at other beer competitions, we want to highlight the Brewer(s) who can create the best and most balanced flavor combinations while also making a sessionable pint that everyone can enjoy again and again. Check out The winner will brew their recipe on site with RAM Head Brewer, Andrew Castner, and the winning recipe will be on tap at both the Indianapolis and Fishers RAM locations. As a BJCP certified competition, the winning beer will also be entered into the 2011 GABF Pro-Am competition in Denver, CO. We will be hosting all entrants for a VIP Brewer’s Reception on Saturday, April 2nd at 2 p.m. to announce the winners.


  • Bier Brewery and Taproom Trippelle – Pilsener malt and candi sugar sweet.
  • BB&T Cream Ale – This batch made with corn as the classic recipes demand. No DMS though since there is plenty of room to release those compounds in an open boiler. (Darren is going to use rice in the next batch as he zeros in on Bier’s beers.
  • Bier-ColdSweat BB&T Cold Sweat – 15 Scoville Heat Units on their Cream Ale leaves a touch of heat in the finish. Didn’t turn out to be a big seller.
  • Broad Ripple Brewpub 10 Year Strong – Deep, deep brown with white head. Seems like a robust porter but lighter than many. Not a British Strong Ale but the 7.4% ABV says “try that again”. Great first impression balance that also says not a British Strong. Some roast of coffee and malt. Gives way to a nice bitter finish. Delicious.
  • Brugge Brasserie Single (er, Singel) – Apricot color. Has Belgianness and a bright mild maltiness. Lots there in a 3.5% beer.
  • Brugge Eisberg – Imperial Pale Ale. An IPA with piney Simcoe bitterness.
  • RBN-TripelTrouble Rock Bottom, 86th St, Indy Tripel Trouble – A Belgian Tripel. Rich, thick, and sweet – mainly of candi sugar. A 9.9% dessert beer. Actually an entire dessert. Get this instead of the crème brulee. Sip it like a liqueur.
  • RB 86th RepliAle Imperial Stout. Big and roasty/toasty/burnt like Guinness Foreign Extra Stout (not that other wimpy Guinness stuff). 8.1%.
  • Rock Bottom, Downtown Indy Trouble – Another Belgian Tripel (it’s been that kind of afternoon. Looks like Winterfest will be loaded with gravity). The Belgian yeast predominates this one.

The Brewers Association has released their 2011 Beer Style Guidelines. Changed categories include

Belgo-American-Style Ales 
Belgian-Style Flanders Oud Bruin/Oud Red
German Bock
Rye Beer
American-Style Brett Ale (Was Sour Ale
American-Style Black Ale (Was India Black Ale)

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